A Lookback On 2018 Tile Trends

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22 November 2018

lookback on 2018 tile trends

2018 has flown by, leaving its mark with many unique and stunning tile trends coming to the fore. We’ve seen the rise of marvelous mosaic tiles, beautiful black slate tiles and polished porcelain tiles. So as we head towards the end of the year, we’ve taken a look back at some of the most popular tile trends seen over the past 12 months.

Mosaics: Bigger Than Ever

Mosaic tiles have been a popular choice for a while, and proved to be a strong option for shoppers throughout 2018. Creating a sophisticated, modern or eye-catching room couldn’t be easier with the diversity that mosaics offer. They can help you craft your perfect kitchen, re-invent your bathroom or add a sparkle of interior design into any other room.

Such a popular mosaic over the course of 2018 were our lunar copper metal & glass modular mosaics, which make a luxurious statement anywhere in the home. Hand-made and beautifully crafted, these tiles are starting to become something of a classic. Copper accessories in interior design are still going to play a big part in 2019 so we should still see this mosaic being a popular choice.

We also saw a rise in popularity for silver grey split face mosaic tiles. At Stone Tile Company, we can’t make enough of these gorgeous tiles. The on-trend grey tone has a shimmering quality and can be used to create amazing feature walls, which instantly change a room’s atmosphere. This year we’ve also seen the popularity of split face mosaic being used outdoors growing too as we are starting to increase our living spaces.

Not convinced on mosaic tiles? Here’s why they are a good choice.

Black Tiles: Still the Hot Choice

When going for an effortless, sophisticated or modern look, black slate tiles can take things to a new level. We’ve seen so many beautiful kitchens across the country using black tiles to create an elegant atmosphere. Why are black tiles still so popular? Because they are a hardwearing and authentic solution, looking great on both walls and floors.

There are some lovely tile designs that use black slate tiles. Here’s a few examples. If you’re planning on re-designing your kitchen, bathroom or living room and want to take advantage of the beauty of black tiles our black slate modular tiles have been so popular this year owing to their multiple sizes, check them out here.

Porcelain: Aesthetically Appealing

Porcelain floor and wall tiles have a strong aesthetic appeal and our range covers many on-trend styles and finishes. As well as having a chic design, porcelain tiles can have additional practical anti-slip properties, making them handy for bathrooms in particular.

Our Soho grey range of porcelain tiles are a popular choice because of their contemporary design and durable finish. Concrete effect tiles are becoming a key design style and combined with the on-trend cool grey colour tone our Soho grey tiles have been a popular choice.

We’ve also had fun this year showing off different porcelain trends on our Pinterest Boards, ranging from wood effects to bathroom features.

Slate: More to Slate Than One Colour

Natural slate tiles come in all different colours, shapes and sizes. While the popularity of black slate tiles overshadows every other colour, it doesn’t mean they can be totally ignored. The multi-colour variants, with their wonderful, natural vibe, have seen a huge popularity in 2018.

Our natural sheera multicolour slate tiles is an excellent choice. They can be used in all sorts of locations – particularly in utilities, kitchen and hallways where strength and slip resistance are required. Don’t think that the added slip resistance will mean that they won’t be easy to clean, slate tiles are easy to clean just like mosaics – here’s a guide to keeping tiles spotless. In 2019, we can’t see slate tiles decreasing in popularity as the trend for bringing the outdoors-indoors continues.

We’re so excited to see what the new year brings with it and are happy to help you pick the right tiles for you. Send us a message or get social with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.