Achieving a Modern Look with Patterned Tiles

Achieving a Modern Look with Patterned Tiles
19 May 2021

The opportunity to create something special when revamping or refurbishing a space in your home is really exciting. Being able to put together something which looks visually fantastic can be really satisfying. 

Of course, different styles and approaches will appeal to different people. Some like smooth, clean surfaces, while others prefer something eye-catching and dynamic. 

If you fall into the latter category, then patterned tiles can be a really positive investment. With exciting styles and classic patterning, these tiles can help you create that perfect aesthetic in your home. 

In the latest Stone Tile Company blog, we talk you through all you need to know about patterned tiles. What types of tile there are, where they can be used for the fullest effect, and what we have available is all covered, so read on and find out everything you need to know. 

What’s special about patterned tiles? 

A close up of Calabria Aqua patterned porcelain tiles

Patterned floor tiles have an uncanny ability to bring a different dynamic to an interior space.  

Tiles traditionally have always been fairly smooth and sleek in their composition. This aligns with their overall purpose of course. And patterned tiles maintain this. Where they differ from other traditional tiles is their visual appeal and the way they interact with the rest of the space. 

Carrara satin hexagon tiles in a kitchen floor setting

The patterns themselves bring a dynamic visual quality that can add an extra element of interest. Depending on the patterning, these tiles are also able to contribute to colour schemes and can help set a tempo for a room. What this means is that the busyness of the tile pattern can help to evoke certain vibes and moods. 

So for example in a kitchen and dining space, tiles like these Lyra Navy Star Pattern tiles have a calming and gentle visual appeal, enabling an easy, relaxed feeling to permeate. 

Where do patterned tiles work best? 

Ravello Rosso patterned porcelain tiles on a bathroom wall

In truth, there are plenty of spaces where patterned tiles work really well. As mentioned, kitchen areas can be really boosted by patterned tiles, particularly if you are looking to create a relaxed, almost Mediterranean vibe.  

Bathroom spaces can also benefit hugely from patterned floor tiles. Their hard surface is suitable for this space, while the beautiful design supports the creation of a really genteel and pleasant area. 

Bathrooms can often be quite limited in terms of the space available. What patterned tiles do is enable these spaces to take on a new visual element. They help you make the most of a limited area and can really support positive designs in various parts of the home. 

Hallways, conservatory floors and wall areas can also benefit from patterned tiles, making these tiles a really positive buy for the modern home. 

Which patterned tiles are available from Stone Tile Company?  

Lyra black star patterned tiles

Within our range, we have a host of exceptional patterned tiles that are sure to meet your requirements. 

Our Lyra Black Star patterned tiles and Blue Star tiles have proven popular choices thanks to their intricate nature.  

We have also seen hexagon tiles rise in popularity. This style of patterned tiles offers a really interesting visual aesthetic, and we have seen this type of tile introduced to a variety of spaces.  

Vector white hexagon tiles in a kitchen space

We stock vector white hexagon tiles and vector black hexagon tiles, both of which come with eye-catching patterns and really offer something different in the tiling stakes.  

Classical styled patterned tiles are also present within the Stone Tile Company range, and our Ravello Grey patterned tiles are a consistently popular choice. With grey colour tones and geometric prints, these tiles are inspired by Italian frescos and bring a really continental feel to the modern home. 

Alternatives to these include our Madeira Grey patterned tiles and our Genoa Grey patterned tiles. Both coming with dynamic patterning and a high-quality surface, these tiles are a strong investment for anybody seeking a tile that steps away from the norm. 

Carrara Satin hexagonal tiles

For people seeking lighter shades, our Calabria Aqua patterned tiles are a great option, while another white hexagon tile choice is our Carrara Satin Hexagon tiles 

And if you are still searching for that perfect tile for you, take a look at these Ravello Rosso patterned tiles. With rich, deep shades, these are a wonderful feature wall option, or work well with fireplaces, wet rooms and bathrooms too. 

Shop for Patterned Tiles at Stone Tile Company 

Ravello Grey patterned porcelain tiles in a bathroom space

We at Stone Tile Company have a really impressive collection of patterned tiles and hope you are able to find what you are looking for within our range. 

These tiles all form part of our extensive porcelain tiles collection, which includes everything from marble effect tiles to wood effect tiles and polished porcelain tiles. 

Our collection of products is vast, so be sure to take the time to browse through all we have to offer and secure that perfect tile for your requirements from Stone Tile Company. 

Take a look too at our fitting guides and product guides, and our delivery page also has a host of useful information. 

And if you have any questions, it’s simply a case of contacting the Stone Tile Company team. We will be happy to lend a hand and support where possible.