An Introduction to Concrete-Effect Tiles

An Introduction to Concrete-Effect Tiles
21 April 2021

Urban Grey Porcelain Tiles in an open-plan kitchen space

Selecting the optimal tile for your domestic space is a challenge. But with the kind of variety available at Stone Tile Company, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

It’s not just about selling quality tiling products. We want to provide excellent guidance and support to people throughout the selection and buying process. This is why our style and advice section is as in-depth and diverse as it is. We want to ensure everybody has access to the important information they need in order to get their tile choice correct. 

In our latest blog, we’ve decided to focus on concrete-effect tiles. These modern, high-quality tiles combine sleek aesthetics with practicality, making them a great option for anybody seeking to enhance the interior design of their home.  

We also wanted to answer a few questions we hear frequently about concrete-effect tiles. So if there’s something you want to know, take a look below. 

What goes into concrete-effect tiles? 

While concrete might be in the name, our concrete-effect tiles are all made from high quality premium grade porcelain. This combines the industrial chic of the concrete look with the eminent practicality of the porcelain surface. 

Where can concrete-effect tiles be used? 

Soho Grey Porcelain Tiles in a bathroom setting

Concrete-effect tiles provide a really strong basis for a space, meaning they are well suited to a number of different areas in the modern home. 

Bathrooms and kitchens are an excellent place for concrete-effect tiles to be added. This is thanks to their hardwearing nature and ability to deal with water exposure.  

Particularly modernistic living areas can also benefit from the addition of concrete-effect tiles, while features such as fireplaces can also take advantage of the benefits of concrete-effect tiling. 

Additionally, concrete-effect tiles can be used on both the floors and walls of the modern home. This means that the smooth, stylish visual appeal of these tiles can be fully embraced with ease. 

Do concrete-effect tiles have any practical benefits? 

Concrete-effect tiles are highly practical options for the modern home. They are really hardwearing and very easy to maintain, with cleaning tasks made simple and straightforward.  

Our range of concrete-effect tiles are predominantly matt to the touch and do not require sealing. This makes them perfect for busy family spaces, without the worry that they will get worn and lose their initial appeal. 

What concrete-effect tiles does Stone Tile Company have available? 
Our collection of concrete-effect wall tiles and floor tiles contain a broad spectrum of different options, from light coloured tiles to warmer, richer varieties. 

A breakfast bar in a kitchen with indus concrete effect porcelain floor tiles

These Indus Light Grey Concrete Effect Lappato Porcelain Floor Tiles are a fresh and clean looking shade, perfect for the modern kitchen or bathroom area. Our Urban Grey tiles are also popular, acting as the ideal concrete floors for a cool contemporary space to flourish. 

Our collection also contains darker shades of concrete-effect, giving a real industrial chic vibe. New York Dark Grey Porcelain tiles are really evocative, as are our Moderna Dark Grey and Moderna Charcoal tile choices. 

Studio Sand Porcelain Floor Tiles

We also stock brighter shades of concrete-effect tiles, with our Boston Sand varieties emanating a warmer, gentler feel. The Studio Sand Porcelain XL Porcelain Tiles have a distinctly summery feel, while still bringing all the visual appeal and practical benefits of concrete-effect porcelain tiles. 

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We hope you have found this guide to concrete-effect tiles to be helpful and beneficial. Our range here at Stone Tile Company is deep in quality, so be sure to find your ideal tile choice within our collection. 

Take a look too through our wood-effect tiles, as well as our stone-effect and marble-effect porcelain tile choices.  

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