Are Split Face Tiles Waterproof?

Are Split Face Tiles Waterproof?
25 March 2020

rustic black slate split face tiles on a garage outdoor wall

Tiling is our specialty - you can probably guess that from our company name. When we speak to our customers about their tiling preferences we’ve been receiving such positive feedback on our split face tile range. These tiles have been an on-trend solution for interior feature walls for the past couple of years, and as we now look to extend our living areas and make more of our garden spaces, they have also started to be used outdoors too. 

Split face tiles can help change the feel of a space dramatically. Be it indoors or outdoors, they create a dynamic surface that brings a new feel and eye-catching element into play.

Split face tiles are a great way of introducing a touch of style to your outdoor spaces with outdoor tiles, so it’s a great time to get your outdoor spaces looking their best so that when the sunshine comes, you can enjoy them at their best.

Split face tiles work equally well indoors as well, and are perfect for feature walls. They can easily become a central visual element in your indoor aesthetic.

Our latest blog takes a look at some of the key questions about split face tiles when looking to fit both inside and outside the home. Let Stone Tile Company fill in the gaps!

What are split face tiles?

Split face tiles are a fabulous undulating 3D natural stone mosaic, which is comprised of strips of natural stone, cut into linear strips, and arranged into a staggered 3D surface. These tiles are designed to be simply interlocked together, which makes them easy to fit and look seamless on your walls!

Are split face tiles waterproof?

Split face tiles are not totally waterproof. This is due to the way they are manufactured. Split face mosaics are hand made by selecting different lengths of linear cut stone stone. They are bonded together with a special glue into an interlocking shape. 

The design of the tile means that they can be simply fitted to a wall with no requirement to grout.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot expose split face tiles to water at all. There are steps that can take to allow you to use split face tiles both indoors and outdoors. 

Can split face tiles be used outside?

Yes, Split face mosaic tiles can be fitted outside to many substrates, including brick and block work walls as these are waterproof substrates. You just need to ensure that the wall is clean and sound, removing any flaking paint or garden debris. 

Priming the wall will also help create a good bond with the adhesive. We recommend Ultra Tile ProPrime IT Multi Surface Primer. 

You just need to treat split face mosaic as you would a rendered wall. Fitting lip or ledge to the top of the tiled wall helps ensure that rain water is moved away from the face of the stone so they don't become dirty with water run-off.

Can split face tiles be used in the shower?

Because they are not grouted like standard tiles, split face mosaic tiles are not suitable for internal walls that are exposed to more intense and prolonged periods of water such as shower enclosures, saunas and wet room walls. 

As we’ve detailed, the small gaps within the mosaic will let water will seep through to your substrate and cause problems - especially if your substrate is plasterboard. 

Can split face tiles be used in kitchens?

Absolutely! Split face tiles look great in kitchen spaces. We recommend using them as splashbacks or feature walls.

Intense water exposure does not really happen in the kitchen and certainly shouldn’t be prolonged, so short splashes of water behind a basin will be perfectly fine to simply wipe away.

Where can I buy split face tiles? 

It’s pretty obvious isn’t it! Stone Tile Company has a sublime range of split face mosaic tiles for you to choose from. 

As the name suggests, tiling really is our specialty. We offer a great range of outdoor tiles for you to pick from, and be sure to browse through our full range, find the perfect match for your needs from Stone Tile Company. 

If you have any questions about our range, just let us know. Our team is more than happy to answer your queries and offer our expertise. And all our delivery information is available here. Simply get in touch!