Can outdoor porcelain tiles cope with the rain?

Can outdoor porcelain tiles cope with the rain?
7 September 2020

Creating a stunning outdoor space in your home is something many people dream of. They’re perfect for those beautiful sunny days and lingering summer evenings.

Such spaces include delightful patio areas, contemporary paved outdoor dining areas, and cosy corners of your garden where you can sit back, relax, read, snooze or do whatever takes your fancy.

These places can be really advanced with the addition of outdoor tiles. But as with anything that is kept outdoors, you need to know that these things can deal with Mother Nature. She can be a cruel mistress, and it’s a real problem if her effects take hold of your home improvement project.

You need to be confident that the outdoor tiles you pick are going to be able to deal with what Mother Nature will throw at it! So, what about porcelain? Is porcelain able to cope with the British weather? Our latest blog takes a look.

The Properties of Porcelain

Close up of miami ivory outdoor XL slab tile

Porcelain is a superior tile which has been recently pressed into a thicker 20mm slab which is designed for outdoor application.

The tiles themselves are fired at a very high temperature – higher than those used with the ceramic process for example, so they have an exceptionally low water absorption value, meaning that the tile will not draw moisture to the same degree as other paving materials.

But can they be used outside? And can they cope with the rain?!

A set of table and chairs sitting on porcelain tiles in an outdoor garden space

They absolutely can! Thier low porosity is a great benefit when it comes to the surface resisting staining and algae and moss developing, keeping them looking their best all year round.

Porcelain slab tiles are strong, frost-proof, non-slip, fade resistant and will not discolour – the perfect low maintenance solution for your patio or terrace.

This type of tile certainly can deal with rain and water, and even things like hail and snow. Porcelain slab tiles have a particular glaze so they are rated R11, so unlike wood and some external stones, outdoor porcelain tiles have an anti-slip finish, providing you with the assurance your patio or terrace will perform in wet conditions. As they also don’t absorb any water, when winter frosts arrive, your tiles will be able to deal with this with no bother.

So, all in all, porcelain tiles are perfect for outdoor use. They can stand what Mother Nature throws at it and can be the perfect choice for your home. Big tornadoes might be a bit problematic, but hopefully this won’t be the case in your home!

What outdoor porcelain tiles are there?

patio tiles in loft dark grey stone concrete effect porcelain outdoor slabs

We know from experience that the variety of outdoor porcelain tiles is vast, and the satisfaction of our customers is high!

Here at Stone Tile Company we have a n extensive selection of outdoor porcelain tiles available for you to choose from to help create your perfect porcelain exterior. These are perfect as patio tiles, for outdoor dining areas, and for pathways. They can really bring that chic modern feel into your garden and into your overall home space.  

Our range contains different tiles in different shades. So whether you want grey outdoor porcelain tiles, black outdoor porcelain tiles, or even natural or ivory and cream coloured outdoor porcelain options, you can find your perfect tile investment at Stone Tile Company.

Browse through what we have to offer and also be sure to take a look at our tiling accessories and fitting guides while you’re here. And take a look at our excellent delivery offering too.

Hopefully this has addressed a few of your ponderings. If you’ve got questions, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.