Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2019 is Spiced Honey

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28 November 2018

Dulux colour of the year 2019

The forecast is decided by an expert panel of colour designers, design specialists & trend forecasters who decide which colour will reflect the universal mood of the coming year.

Heleen van Gent, head of the Global Aesthetic Centre, who chairs the ColourFutures panel annually, explains: 'Every year, we seek to transform a trend into a colour that responds to consumer needs and enables them to bring a mood affecting their life, in to their homes. 

'In 2019, as a society, we want to reach out, engage with our communities, make things better and "be the change" – anything from supporting charities to small acts of neighbourly It’s time to act and Spiced Honey enables transformation inspiring a positive, emotional change.'

‘’Reflecting the new positive mood of the moment. Spiced Honey is a warm amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself. Spiced Honey can be soothing or calming, cosy or vibrant, depending on the palette you pair it with’’.

Here's how Dulux see Spiced Honey being used in the home..

A soothing place to think

Dulux a cosy place

Above, the mood is subtly sophisticated, as Spiced Honey sits with earthy ochre’s and cool greys, while black brings a graphic edge to the look 


A cozy place to love 

Dulux colour of the year

If you like to surround yourself with people and things that you love, this warm and inviting palette is for you. With its mix of pigment-rich shades, combined with simple wooden furniture, woven baskets and pottery, it creates a space where everyone feels at ease.

What does this mean for our colour choices in our homes?

For the past few years we have seen grey dominating interior design, however the strength of nude tones seen coming through from fashion is starting to move into our interiors too, where we are finding neutrals of canvas, flesh, putty and oatmeal. Don't panic yet, our love of grey is not going away and it's certainly not a return to "beige" the future tones are barely there neutrals with a hint of our beloved grey.