Create a luxury bathroom on a budget

Perla Soft wall and floor tiles in a bathroom space.
20 July 2022

With the cost of living rising, it is becoming increasingly hard to create that truly luxurious aesthetic and feel you want to achieve, whether you are turning your house into a home or giving your bathroom or wet room a make-over.

The word ‘Luxury’ itself naturally comes with the assumption of something being somewhat costly and expensive in price. We’re here to show you that our wonderful portfolio of tiles truly portray and hold the qualities of luxury, and can be used in different ways to work within your budget and without breaking the bank.

What do we mean by ‘luxury’?

Luxury can be interpreted in different ways by different people. It can be a sense of great comfort, elegance and relaxation. True luxury allows a person to fully switch off and indulge themselves in their beautiful surroundings.

Creating a luxury bathroom space does not necessarily mean you need to buy the most expensive tiles and fittings. It’s all about creating a space that helps anybody who enters it to feel calm, tranquil and at peace. Here at Stone Tile Company, we have an extensive portfolio of tiles, so you have plenty to choose from for your perfect bathroom. Our range can get your creativity flowing, and help you start to consider the best options for your own luxury bathroom tiles design.

Creating luxury in a bathroom setting

You may have plenty of luxury bathroom tiles ideas in mind. But in order to create that peaceful, elegant retreat, it’s important to find some excellent tile choices that truly deliver this.

Having worked with various types of tiles for many years, we at Stone Tile Company have a deep understanding of how to create certain styles within a domestic space. When it comes to luxury bathrooms, there are a couple of approaches we advise to take into consideration.


The surface and in particular the finish you select is very important with regards to creating a luxury feel. Glossy, polished finishes such as our Mirror Polished Porcelain range are very much a popular choice with our customers at Stone Tile Company, as they truly exude that deluxe and lavish aesthetic.

‘Matt’ does not necessarily mean dull. In comparison to Polished Tiles which create a great sense of airiness from light reflection ideal for amplifying a smaller space, Matt Porcelain Tiles can be perfect for creating warmth which allows for a more relaxed vibe.

Although a little more costly, natural stone can be used in smaller quantities. This allows you to spend to your means by creating a beautiful splash back or feature wall for example. Our Split Face Tiles can be used to add accentuated texture to your space. Further accessorising is not always necessary as they really do stand out loud with their natural depth and colour variations.


Size and shape is a more important factor than you think when designing your bathroom, for both budgeting and aesthetic purposes.

You do not necessarily need to tile your entire bathroom for a truly luxurious, hotel-esque vibe, but if you wanted to, you absolutely could. For this we would recommend our larger format tiles 600mm x 1200mm. This creates a broader surface with fewer breaks in the form of grout lines, portraying a smooth, seamless and sophisticated bathroom feel. Another benefit of larger format tiles is that you will need fewer of them, saving on quantity on top of our fantastic discounted prices.

Smaller tiles such as our Brick-Effect Wall Tiles are extremely sumptuous and replicate that of a beautifully hand-made tile with their gloss rippled surface, without costing an absolute fortune! These modern luxury bathroom tiles add an interesting visual effect while still reflecting light in a way that supports luxurious living. Being a smaller tile, it can be used in different styles, most popularly, Herringbone style. This oozes style and elegance and is also timeless, saving you money as you won’t need to re-vamp every few years!

Perfect tiles for luxurious bathrooms

Without further ado then, here are some of the specific luxury bathroom tiles from our collection. We feel each of these luxury tiles can easily support the creation of that perfect bathroom space.

Let’s start with a timeless classic and one of our most popular tiles - Calacatta Mirror Polished Porcelain Tiles. These designer tiles have a mirror glass polished shine, and stunning cool grey tones bring an uber-stylish, luxury feel to your bathroom. As they are exclusively designed in Italy and manufactured by ourselves in our own factories, this means we are going to save you a fortune compared to any other marble effect grey bathroom tiles of this standard.

This is similarly the case for our Carrara Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles, fusing the trends of Carrara Marble, Copper and Brass for striking warm tones.

Another white bathroom tile to consider is our Roma Matt Porcelain Tiles. These are ideal for those looking to create a designer style with added slip resistance, as our Roma porcelain 600x600mm have a great R10 matt finish - perfect for high traffic areas. This tile also fuses the marble trend and an easy-to-live-with vibe, ensuring these tiles have the staying power to look great forever. Thanks to our purchasing power, we are able to offer these cutting-edge tiles at an amazing price. An unbeatable offer, we’d say.

While white is a popular choice for a sense of cleanliness and lavish living, keep on-trend with popular colour palettes. Replicating that of true Tuscan Marble, consider our Pietra Light Grey Porcelain Tiles, available in sizes 600 x 600mm and 600 x 295mm. These luxurious polished marble effect tiles recreate the beauty of real marble in a hardwearing porcelain tile. We manufacture these tiles with Italian machinery in our own factories, so you can be assured of their quality. They are also pre-sealed with a Nano sealer to provide ease of installation.

Following their renovation, home interior blogger Chloe (@thegreybuild) has created the most stunning feature wall using our Lisbon White Brick Wall Tiles. With being a DIY project to keep costs low, as well as not using them around the entirety of the bathroom, this stunning white bathroom tile offers an uneven shape and rich gloss glaze, certainly giving the impression of expensive handmade tiles - without the associated price tag. Chloe also used a metallic paint to match with the aesthetic she wanted to achieve and by doing so, kept her costs down. We’d say she’s done a brilliant job in creating a truly tranquil and luxurious bathroom, don’t you agree?

Styling your tiles

There are SO many choices when it comes to how you could style your bathroom with luxury tiles while still keeping things to a budget. Beautifully presented by our customers in the images used in this blog, luxury tiles can range from a swanky splashback, an eye-catching feature wall, tiles solely used in wet areas or completely decking the whole place out with tiles. Another brilliant consideration would be simply half-tiling a room, cutting the price in half whilst still creating a luxurious effect.

What tile might work for this type of project? We recommend our Mystique Latte Silver Chevron Mosaic wall tiles, which offer an eye-catching aesthetic and luxurious quality. Made from a soft latte veined marble with a smooth polished finish, it will coordinate with almost anything.

This beautifully presented bathroom oozes warmth and relaxation. Although only used half way up the wall, this mosaic combines geometric glamour and opulence with practicality near a wet area.

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