Create the perfect outdoor space for summer living

A patio with Denver Sky porcelain slab tiles and patio furniture
2 March 2022

The British winter can be a long and tiresome beast. Cold and windy weather tends to be the trend, and spending time outside when the conditions are like that is best kept to a minimum. 

But at this time of year, you might well start noticing a few transitions taking place. You might see the occasional flower blooming, or more light in the sky in the evenings. These are little signs that the British summer will soon be arriving, and naturally turns our thoughts to those beautiful days we dream of in the dark depths of winter. 

Having an outdoor space to make the most of the sunshine and pleasant conditions can really enhance your enjoyment of your home. We believe the best way to create this is with a gorgeous patio space. These adaptable areas can become your favourite summer location, with great tiling choices aplenty to make these places look great too. 

If your thoughts have recently turned to an outdoors project for the summertime, then this blog should be very much of interest.  

Putting together the perfect patio 

What goes into creating the perfect patio area? There are a few factors at play that will make or break the effectiveness of a tiled outdoor space. 

First of all, the perfect patio needs the perfect location, so your patio area should ideally be located in an area where it receives plenty of sunshine and warmth, allowing you to indulge whenever the sun is shining and the temperatures are pleasant. 

The second thing is style. This is crucial to creating a vibe and feel that you really like. This can meld with your interior aesthetic as well, providing a smooth and consistent transition between indoors and outdoors.  

The third factor is incorporating other aspects into the patio space to make it really homely and welcoming. There are a few options here, which we will touch on later in the blog.  

Our top patio picks for 2022 

Loft charcoal grey stone tiles in a patio space

We at Stone Tile Company have put together a beautiful collection of outdoor patio tiles for summer 2022, and we are delighted to be able to offer such a wide and impressive range. 

Our collection includes stone effect and concrete effect tiles, which can align with your overall vision for your patio area. Our tiles also come with a selection of different finishes, including natural riven, antique and matt finishes. And we stock tiles of different colours, with everything from black and grey outdoor tiles to white, ivory and cream. 

Now you know what kind of variety is available, it is all about finding that perfect tile from our range. Here are some of our most popular and sought-after choices. 

Montana Sand Porcelain Outdoor Tiles

Be sure to take a look at our new range of Montana outdoor porcelain slabs. The Montana sand tiles in this collection really offer an impressively crisp and clean feel.

Montana Pearl Porcelain Outdoor Slabs

The Montana Pearl Porcelain outdoor slabs are another strong option, with the durable 20mm thick porcelain providing excellent weatherproof qualities that can allow these tiles to stand the test of time.  

Montana Pearl Porcelain Outdoor Slab floor tiles

We also have Montana Dark Grey Porcelain outdoor slab tiles available, which are ideal for anybody seeking darker shades in their patio space. 

Speaking of dark grey tiles, we have seen these prove particularly popular of late, affording a calming, confident surface that ties in with modern design styles. Our Denver Sky porcelain outdoor slab tiles offer that pristine yet homely feel, while the Kansas Smoke porcelain outdoor slab tiles have an equally resonant effect.  

We also really like these Loft Dark Grey Outdoor Tiles, which complement the greenery of a lawn or garden area beautifully. 

Sand colours are also something we love on patios. Take a look at these Nevada Sand tiles, which exude warmth and are perfect for summer living. And also be sure to take a look at our Miami Ivory porcelain outdoor slab tiles too.  

Black antique limestone flooring moving from a kitchen to a patio area

For moodier, evocative garden patio tiles, we love what our black tiles offer. Take a look at these natural black slate tiles. 


Don't forget your garden walls

And at the other end of the spectrum is our beautiful multicolour outdoor tile choices. Be sure to consider our Sheera Multicolour natural stone tiles

Deoli Green Split Face Mosaic Tiles in place outdoors

As well as patio floor tiles, it is always worth considering what tiles you might want to use on your walls around your patio too. We really like Deoli Green Split Face Wall cladding, which meld the natural and human worlds in much the same way a patio does. 

Split Face Mosaic black slate tiles

We also love this black slate split face wall cladding, which can work on walls or as flower bed surrounds that can complement a patio perfectly. 

Bring a BBQ or Bar Area into play 

A patio area with BBQ on the lawn

Once you have got a specific tile in mind, it’s time to look at how to get the most out of your patio area.  

Something to certainly mull over is a barbeque area. Great for social occasions or for a summer meal treat, a BBQ can be a really positive addition to an outdoor patio area.  

We have seen more and more customers opting for a built-in BBQ, giving them the option to enjoy this type of cooking whenever they like. 

And there has definitely been a growing trend of incorporating bar areas into your patio. This allows for drinks to be served with ease and is perfect for hosting guests. Something to consider!  

Complement your patio with garden furniture and accessories 

A patio with Kansas Smoke porcelain tiles, patio furniture and a woodburner

Without a few pieces of furniture and some accessories, your patio space can look a little sparse. Plus, you want to make the most of your patio. Buying products that help you unwind on your patio is the best way to do this! 

Luxury seating areas for patios are all the rage at the moment, with sectional sofas, wicker chairs and durable dining tables all strong choices for your patio furniture selection. 

We also love woodburners and log fires on patios. These can help keep you warm even when the chill of the summer evening starts to creep in.  

Make comfort central to any patio furniture decision you make, and take the time to shop around and select that ideal complementary item for your patio. 

Create your dream summer patio with outdoor tiles from Stone Tile Company 

We hope this guide to creating your perfect summer patio has been useful! 

Be sure to browse through the full collection of outdoor tile choices available from Stone Tile Company. As well as our outdoor floor tiles, we also have a great collection of outdoor wall cladding products that can help you create the dream exterior space. 

Be sure to browse through our fitting and installation guides, and take a look at our delivery options too. 

And if you have any questions, simply contact the Stone Tile Company Team. We will be happy to offer our support and answer any queries you may have.