How to create the Perfect Splashback Area

A splashback area with Chicago Honed Marble Chevron Mosaic tiles
27 April 2022

Taking the time to enhance your home is a real joy for many people. There often feels like there is always another area of the home to improve or revitalise. And one such area of this kind is splashbacks.  

A beautiful splashback area can help you take the visuals of a kitchen to a new level, but in a really subtle way. They can allow you to set a tone or vibe, as well as serving a practical purpose. 

Here at Stone Tile Company, we have a wide variety of splashback tiles available for you to consider adding to your home. If you are looking for kitchen splashback tiles ideas, our range has something for you.  

In our latest blog, we have picked out some of the best considerations for your splashback area, and some options for your tiled splashbacks, in order to reach a new level. 

What you need for the perfect splashback area 

White bevel brick metro mosaic tiles in a splashback area

The clue is in the name with splashback. With the tiles you choose set to be very near areas where liquids and water can land, it is important you get your choice right. 

This means surfaces are an important consideration, as the tiles need to be tough and easy to wipe down. Porousness is not the way to go here – you need a tile that will stand up and be counted when needed! 

Splashback tiles should also meld with the rest of a space, and can easily be attuned with the room they are located in.  

We should also stress that we do not believe splashback tiles should be a second thought. If reworking or revamping a kitchen, this area of the room is just as important as anywhere else! 

With this in mind then, we wanted to give you some of our best options for splashback tiles and help inspire you to select something beautiful for your home. 

The Paris Collection 

Paris Rose brick effect gloss wall tiles in a modern kitchen

We feel there is really only one place to start when it comes to splashback tiles, and that is the exceptional Paris collection we have available at Stone Tile Company. 

Inspired by Parisian style, these tiles are available in a number of different tones and colours, and have become a very popular choice within our range. 

The Paris Rose Brick tile has a gentle, warm shade which contrasts beautifully with any deep, rich features of a kitchen. 

Paris Ocean Brick Effect gloss wall tiles

The Paris Ocean Brick Effect gloss wall tiles are an equally appealing offering, with calming colours that balance really well against lighter shades, such as wood effect cabinets and work surfaces.  

Paris Pearl Brick Effect Gloss wall tiles

And for a particularly airy feel, our Paris Pearl Brick Effect Gloss wall tiles come highly recommended. These tiles blend a handmade style with a classy finish, and are made from premium porcelain. 

Paris silver brick effect gloss wall tiles

And we cannot leave out the Paris Silver Brick effect gloss wall tiles. When used as splashback tiles, they can work wonders and bring a real touch of class. 

All these Paris tiles are a great option for splashback areas as they are practical and easy to clean. They also meld beautifully with various styles and can provide a perfect backdrop to kitchen spaces. 

Eye Catching Options 

Mystique grey silver diamond mosaic wall tiles

If you are looking for a more dynamic style, then there are plenty of eye-catching options available when it comes to tiles for a splashback.  

The Stone Tile Company range contains all manner of choices that can add a touch of something different. Take these Mystique grey silver diamond mosaic wall tiles for example. Melding different shades to create an exciting combination, these can be the perfect choice for an ultra-chic kitchen splashback.   

Chevron patterns are also a definite eye catcher, and easily help to make the most of space around a sink in a kitchen. We really like the style delivered by these Chicago Honed Marble Chevron Mosaic tiles, which are a cool yet classy choice. 

Midas Glass Copper Brick Mosaic wall tiles

And for busy splashback areas, these Midas glass copper brick mosaic wall tiles are a really strong option. Made from a mix of natural stone, brushed metal, gloss and matt glass, these tiles are a great way to really enhance areas like splashbacks, or anywhere where space may be at a premium. 

Subtle Shades 

Splashback areas can also be enhanced by gentle shades, and the Stone Tile Company collection has ample high-quality tiles that are sure to be advantageous when it comes to tiles for a splashback. 

These White Bevel Brick Metro mosaic tiles are a classic of the genre, and are the perfect neutral tile for a splashback area.  

Large Ivory Split Face Mosaic tiles

Our large ivory split face mosaic tiles are a really versatile tile, and work beautifully as a splashback tile, as do these London sand brick effect wall and floor tiles. 

 London sand brick effect wall and floor tiles

And last but not least, we need to mention the Sparkle White split face mosaic tiles. These are beautiful options for a splashback area, with a clean and practical aesthetic that works wonderfully. This tile features crystal white real quartzite, and is sure to add some glittering glamour to a kitchen area. 

A sparkle white split face mosaic tiles in a splashback area

Buy Splashback Tiles from Stone Tile Company today 

We hope this article has provided you with some inspiration as to how best to select a splashback tile. 

Our range contains a host of kitchen wall tiles, so be sure to browse through all we have to offer and find the perfect choice for your home. 

Take a look through our general installation guide and fitting guides, as well as our delivery options too. 

And if you have any questions about our range, simply get in touch with the Stone Tile Company team. We will be happy to help!