Find a Strong Tile Design this Autumn

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31 August 2018

Find a Strong Tile Design this Autumn

Autumn is the perfect part of the year to rework an indoor space and create a cosy hub to spend your time in.

This is a season of rich colours and changing scenery. You can take the beauty of Autumn as a great starting point when it comes to selecting an aesthetic and colour scheme for a room in your home.

Deep, interesting colours that bring character and charm are the order of the day, and at Stone Tile Company, our array of options include many that fit this description.

Our selection of natural stone wall tiles is packed full of superb autumnal options. For example, the brushed multicolour slate tiles in our range bear rich colours that reflect the season. Having said this, these tiles look good all year round.

The Natural Sheera Multicolour Slate Tiles in our collection contain similar colours, but offer a more rugged look that is perfect for creating a rustic, vintage style in a kitchen or entrance hall for example.

On the wall tile front, utilising tiles with powerful autumnal colours allow for an impressive look to be created in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Take a look at the exclusive Natural Sheera Multicolour Slate Brick Wall Tiles we have in our range for example. These allow you to bring the striking colours of autumn indoors and create impressive colour schemes that truly stand out.

We find split face mosaic tiles are a popular choice in every month of the year, but autumn can see more and more people opting for our multicolour range. Mixing tones of rust, ochre and black, our Sheera Split Face offering is evocative and can add a touch of autumnal quality to an indoor space with ease.

Those seeking deeper, darker styles could consider our Sparkle Black Quartzite Split Face Mosaic Tiles. These are a superb feature wall option for example.

Another strong buy is our Rustic Slate split face mosaic tiles, which shimmer and shine with rusty, intimate colours.

A lighter autumnal style available from our range is our Hong Kong Autumn Mix. These brick mosaic tiles combine rich autumnal colours with glistening glass and white tiles, helping to bring walls to life and create eye-catching areas.

People naturally spend more time indoors during the autumn and winter months, so now is the perfect time to create a space that you enjoy being in.

Be sure to take a look through our full selection of tiles and find the right option for you today.