How to Clean & Care for Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

How to Clean & Care for Outdoor Porcelain Tiles
11 May 2020

Loft Dark Grey Outdoor Porcelain Slab Tiles - 600x600x20mm


Today’s exterior spaces are now an extension of our home, a place to entertain friends, enjoy with the family or simply chill out. This trend for indoor outdoor style has meant that our exterior design is starting to blend with our interior style. So those concrete flags, old worn deck or stained sandstone patio are out, and in with outdoor porcelain slab tiles.

Porcelain slab tiles are a 20mm thick tile which are available in many contemporary designs and realistic stone interpretations. They are incredibly hard-wearing and can be laid like a traditional patio flag. And as they’re specifically designed for outdoor use, they all have a slip-resistant finish. So only do they look amazing, they’ll stand up to everything our famous British weather can throw at them. 

So how do you clean and care for these tendy new outdoor tiles we here you say? Read on and get all the information you need!

Is cleaning outdoor porcelain tiles tricky?

Not at all! As Porcelain outdoor tiles are resistant to moisture they are very difficult to stain, so no worries about nasty algae spots or BBQ spills. They can be easily cleaned once or twice a year to keep them looking their best. It’s not a big or stressful job, and a quick once over can get these tiles looking wonderful very quickly.

What do you need to clean and care for outdoor porcelain tiles?

A stone effect porcelain patio area in a garden

Boston Dark Grey Outdoor Porcelain Slab Tiles - 600x600x20mm



To make sure the cleaning of your outdoor porcelain tiles is done efficiently and effectively, it’s important to have the right tools to get the job done.

Start off with a soft-bristled brush to get the surfaces looking great. Get a bucket full of water sorted, but you can also use a pressure washer or a hosepipe if this is preferable. 

A stone effect grey porcelain patio area in a terrace style

What cleaning product can you use to clean outdoor porcelain tiles?

In terms of what cleaning product you choose to use for your exterior porcelain tiles, it all depends on the grime you have. 

If your tiles just have general dirt, standard washing up liquid can get the job done.

However, if there is algae on the surface your tiles, a more intensive cleaner will be needed. This can do a great job on build up of algae and get your outdoor porcelain tiles looking like new..

How do I clean my outdoor porcelain tiles?
A grey stone concrete effect patio with outdoor porcelain tiles
The first thing to do is to get a broom and sweep away any loose debris. Then fill your bucket with warm water and add in some washing up liquid to make the perfect cleaning mix. If you need a deeper clean, add in some intensive cleaner to the water and start with that.

Using a  jet wash with warm soapy water is usually all that’s needed. It’s  a case of scrubbing your tiles clean and getting them looking their very best by removing any dirt.

Once you’ve done that, simply leave it to dry. Before long your tiles will be looking fabulous once again!

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