How to Create the Perfect Tile Colour Schemes

How to Create the Perfect Tile Colour Schemes
28 June 2021

A visual representation of tile colour schemes

When redecorating your home, one of the key considerations is the colour scheme you go for.  

At Stone Tile Company, we have seen first-hand how great spaces can be made when tiles are used. We’ve seen beautiful colour schemes created and fantastic decor ideas implemented, allowing for interior spaces brimming with style and sophistication to prevail. 

But how can you ensure your redecoration project is a roaring success, and that the colour scheme you use is on the money? 

We’ve put together this helpful blog to provide you with some top tips and things to consider when putting together your colour palette and creating a little piece of paradise. 

General Rules 

When it comes to finding that dream colour scheme, it’s all about finding tones and shades that complement each other. One way to complement is to contrast, and often choosing from opposite ends of the colour spectrum can work really well. 

So for example, if you’re revamping your kitchen with furniture and surfaces that are of a light shade, a dark coloured wall tile selection can contrast this beautifully. Perhaps a kitchen wall tile such as these metallic random silver mix could work for you. Or these sparkle black quartzite split face mosaic tiles can meld dark colours with evocative textures, complementing a smooth, light aesthetic elsewhere. 

metallic random silver mix tiles in a kitchen setting

If your room features bright and vibrant colours, then neutral colours in your tiling can create that perfect match for the effervescence in other parts. Our selection of kitchen floor tiles for example is full of strong, impressive neutral shades, allowing you to create the perfect base for the rest of the room to flourish. 

Equally, dark neutral colours can contrast beautifully with eye-catching colour schemes, helping to balance things and create a vibe that you will truly love. 

Some Specifics 

If you’ve opted for a cottage-feel, tiles in sheera multicolour shades can help provide that essence and give you a really great space to relax in. 

Anybody looking to create a modern vibe should take a look at these Luxe Copper & Bronze Glass Mosaic. These tiles are a great way to create a contemporary feel. The tiles really help to complement natural and black shades.

A close up shot of Luxe Copper & Bronze Mosaic Tiles

Modern bathrooms are a great space to be experimental and brave in when it comes to your colour selection. 

If you are looking for bathroom ideas, then Stone Tile Company's array of bathroom tiles can help you meet any interior design goals you have. 

Our range includes tiles such as these Carrara White Marble effect tiles which blend different shades to create a truly contemporary design. 

Carrara White Marble Effect porcelain floor tiles in a bathroom setting

Take a look at these Carrara Art Deco or Chicago Chevron mosaics, with a distinctive light-reflecting quality, this type of tile is a great bathroom wall tile option, while they can also be used to create powerful borders too. Our range enables a host of bathroom colour schemes to prevail. 

Chicago chevron mosaics in a bathroom setting

Feature walls

One of the most popular uses for tiles is as a feature wall. This gives rooms a distinctive, eye-catching element. Be it in a small bathroom, hallway or kitchen area, a feature wall can really impact the vibe of a room in a positive way. 

From a colour perspective, implementing a feature wall is an excellent way to contrast one part of your room with another. 

In our opinion, the best options when it comes to selecting feature wall tiles are mosaic wall tiles and split face mosaic wall tiles. The lively, evocative patterning and interesting surfaces these tiles provide are a great way to complement smoother parts of a space. 

So say for example your room is lined with tiles of light shades. A darker, brooding feature wall can provide the perfect balance you’re seeking. 

Stunning Stone Tile Options 

Getting colours right can be a tricky task. But by taking the time to review all options and consider different avenues, it can be very satisfying when you look at a completed room and are delighted with what you see. 

Be sure to browse through our full range of wall tiles and floor tiles, and find the perfect option for your needs. 

Our style and advice section is packed full of helpful tips to make sure you get the perfect tile setup in your home. 

Our general installation guide is particularly helpful, as are our fitting guides, product guides and tile patterns advice. 

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