How to Mix & Match your Floor and Wall Tiles

17 May 2021

If you are a fan of the varied and sophisticated visual effect that tiles offer, then you are in the right place.

At Stone Tile Company, we are very proud of the broad selection of tiles we have available. We have a wealth of wall and floor tiles available for spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, patios and many more to boot.

If you are planning a tiling project, you might well want to know what we recommend when it comes to using different tiles together. This can create a dynamic, interesting effect and make the most of a space with ease.

In the latest Stone Tile Company blog, we provide you with a few pointers on how best to mix and match your floor tiles and wall tiles. That way, you can create a delightful tiled space that you love.

Patterned Tiles and Smooth Tiles

A bathroom with calabria aqua patterned tiles

One of the best combinations of tiles we see is with one surface featuring plain tiles, and another featuring patterned tiles. This balance between dynamism and genteel shades helps to create a really strong visual effect.

This combination naturally places more emphasis on the patterned surface, with the plain tiles providing the perfect foil for this.

We feel that regardless of whether you opt to have plain walls with patterned floors, or patterned walls with plain floors, both styles work really well.

Pick contrasting colour schemes

A cloakroom with Paris Rose brick wall tiles

Why not consider wall tiles and floor tiles of contrasting colours and experiment with the way you fix them too? Herringbone fixing is a trend that is here to stay and you can create real drama in even the smallest room with the way you create patterns with simple tiles.

A bathroom with vector black hexagon tiles

Or why not mix tile shapes and bring trendy brick and hexagon tiles together for the latest trend statement?

Pick complementary colour schemes

Ravello Grey Patterned Porcelain wall tiles in a shower space

You don’t necessarily need to have a base colour such as white in your tile selection. You can combine wall tiles and floor tiles of complementary colours and create a really strong visual effect.

This works really well with dark tiles, with black and grey tiles both potential tiles to mix and match together.

Obviously use your discretion here – purple and green tiles together are something of an acquired taste! But if you find two tile choices that you feel will work together, it’s certainly possible to create something exciting in your home.

Combine metallic and stone effects

Midas glass and copper mosaic and soho porcelain wall tiles in a shower space

Mixing contrasting mosaics to create a feature within contemporary stone effect porcelain tiles can be a great way of adding trendy metallic to a design scheme.

Whether you mix metallic mosaics of copper, brass, gold or silver, it’s fair to say you will be able to create a space that is truly unique. A little goes a long way so just a few sheets of mosaic mixed with subtle stone effect porcelain tiles can bring a boutique hotel look to your bathroom.

Same colour but different tile patterns

Chicago Honed Marble Chevron Mosaic tiles

If you want to let white tiles dominate in your chosen tiled space, something interesting to do is pick two different styles of tile in the same colour. This is an excellent way to add a subtle something to your tiling choice.

With a different feel on your walls and floors, but with a continuous colour theme, this is a great way to mix and match your tiles in a genteel yet distinctive way.

Using grout and sealant

However you look to mix and match your tiles, using the same grout and sealant is a great way to bring together the various surfaces of your home in a succinct way.

Though you may feel this is a relatively small part of your tiling efforts, having that continuous element really helps to enhance your tiled space when mixing and matching tiles.

Find all the tiles you need at Stone Tile Company

Mystique Black and Gold Diamond Mosaic wall tiles

We have a host of brilliant tiles that can be used in a host of spaces and combinations here at Stone Tile Company. Check out our new range of Mystique mosaics that include chevrons and a gold and silver finish. These are perfect for mixing with a host of different tiles.

Our wall tile and floor tile ranges are packed full of suitable options for spaces in your home, while we have also split our range into the various types of tile. You can buy porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles and mosaic tiles, as well as tiles for outdoor spaces.

Be sure too to take a look through our product guides and fitting guides, as well as our guide to tile patterns. These will help you make sure that the combination of tiles you have chosen will tie together beautifully.

Take a look too through our delivery options, and if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Stone Tile Company team.