Inspirational living room floor tile ideas

Inspirational living room floor tile ideas
23 February 2021

In our latest blog, we take a look at why floor tiles in the living room are a great idea and explore some of the best floor tiles we have available. So if you are currently undecided about what flooring to choose for your next project, or maybe just curious about the current trends for living rooms, read on for some inspirational ideas… 

Making things modern 

If you are looking to update your living room, choosing the right flooring is probably the most important decision you will make. After all, the choice of floor will be the base for the rest of your interior decoration. 

With the advancement of under-floor heating, cold floors tiles are now a thing of the past too, so you can choose from an array of different tiles to complement your design scheme.  

Floor tiles have been a popular choice in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms for a while. However with the trend for open-plan living, we are seeing our spaces opening up and a more seamless approach being taken for our floors. Selecting flooring that can flow through from the kitchen, dining, family areas and living room will connect your whole house and make the smallest rooms feel larger. 

A living room with Royale light grey polished porcelain wall and floor tiles 

Try our Royale range of full-bodied polished porcelain tiles for a calm, clean and super-tough background that will work with any future changes you want to do to your space.  

Perla soft grey marble effect polished porcelain tiles 

Glossy finishes will make the most of a bright space, whilst also bring some much-needed light reflection into a dull room. This living room project is a great example of latest trend for warmer tones and gold accents. Here our Perla Soft Grey floor tiles have been used to create a huge impact in this living room. 

Easy maintenance 

One major benefit of floor tiles in the living room space is the ease with which these tiles can be cleaned and maintained. 

Traditional carpets can be a hotbed for dust and dirt in a busy home, and can sometimes aggravate allergies. This means regular vacuuming and cleaning is a must. 

However, if you add floor tiles to a living room, the vacuuming can be more efficient and effective, while mopping and washing floor tiles can leave them sparkling and beautiful in no time at all.  

Tuscany Silver Grey Modular Porcelain tiles in a living room space

Floor tiles in the living room don’t just have to be put in ultra contemporary new homes. If your home is more traditional, or you have period features, you can still consider hardwearing interpretations of natural stone, like our Tuscany range. 

Pietra Ivory 600x600mm porcelain tiles

Beautiful style 

At Stone Tile Company, we are proud to be able to supply a wide variety of floor tiles covering different colour schemes, styles and materials. This means that living room floor tiles can be a dynamic and exciting addition to any home. 

Indoor Outdoor 

New York Light Grey Porcelain wall and floor tiles in a contemporary domestic setting

One of the biggest living trends is bringing a touch of your indoors to your outdoors and a perfect example is this living room with our New York Light Grey tiles. Here they have been taken outside onto the patio to really open up and extend the living area.  

Popular floor tiles in our range of outdoor indoor styles are grey antique limestone, which are wonderful in living spaces in period properties. Our loft charcoal 600x600 & 800x800mm are a premium full-bodied porcelain that give a luxurious look. If you prefer to use a 2cm slab outside, we have a loft charcoal 600x600mm slab for demanding patios too. 

Our full range of floor tiles includes many items suitable for usage in the living room space, covering natural stone floor tiles and porcelain floor tiles . 

Shop for living room floor tiles at Stone Tile Company 

All in all, floor tiles in the living room can be a really positive addition to this domestic space.  

With a great choice available at Stone Tile Company, you can select us as your go-to online store and choose from the best tiles for living rooms. 

Be sure to take a look through our full collection of tiles for the home and find your perfect purchase.  

Take a look at our delivery options, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Stone Tile Company team