Inspirational outdoor cladding styles

Sparkle ice grey split face mosaic tiles
21 March 2022

Sparkle ice grey split face mosaic tiles

Whatever your approach to enhancing your home or garden may be, remember this important motto: no detail is too small. 

Here at the Stone Tile Company we believe in investing time to ensure all aspects of a space complement each other. For us, it’s all about combining beautiful elements together to create a feel that is harmonious and relaxing. 

This applies to outdoor areas too. When it comes to wall areas outside, there is ample opportunity to incorporate something special. 

This is where outdoor cladding can play such a vital role. With the chance to add brilliant tiles to wall areas, garden features, sets of steps and more, by putting some thought into the approach you take, you can achieve a fantastic end result. 

Our latest blog takes a look at some inspirational outdoor cladding styles to consider for your own home.  

Top spots for outdoor cladding 

Sparkle Cream split face mosaic tiles 

So where can outdoor cladding tiles be used to create a really beautiful exterior space? There are a few options that spring to mind. 

The first is to complement barbeque areas. A summer BBQ is many people’s idea of a perfect feast, and we have seen plenty of people look to incorporate a dedicated BBQ area into their garden. A wall with pleasant cladding can help support the creation of this special space. 

One of the most popular uses of cladding is on the side of buildings, adding interest and texture to an outdoor space with ease. Around patio doors, external walls, or even the sides of garages can all be positive spaces on which to add some outdoor cladding. 

We also love outdoor cladding in smaller garden walls, which can separate areas of a garden while affording the chance to add that touch of style and sophistication.  

 Ivory split face used in a bar area 

And don’t forget bar areas. An outdoor bar is perfect for summer parties, and outdoor cladding can help shape this exciting addition to any garden. 

In truth, the beauty of outdoor cladding is the flexibility it offers, and you can easily create a space you love.  

Different tiles, different vibes 

A house with rustic black slate split face tiles 

Once you have identified where you want to add your outdoor tiling, it’s then simply a case choosing the perfect outdoor cladding for what you are looking to create. Sounds easy, right?  

Well, there are a few things to consider. And with plenty of quality outdoor cladding tiles available on the market, you might find yourself considering what to opt for takes longer than you anticipated. 

But with great products comes great opportunity. And we believe that with the right guidance, you can easily find the ideal outdoor cladding option to support a garden or outdoor area revamp. 

In the next section, you can find some outdoor cladding ideas and details on particular favorites of ours to help you give you that inspiration. 

Top outdoor cladding styles 

What style might you want to opt for? We have seen more and more people opting for the clean and crisp style of silver and grey tiles outdoors. These deliver an eye-catching yet genteel vibe in an outdoor area, which combines classic shades with modern style.  

 Silver Grey split face mosaic tiles

Brilliant tile choices of this style include these silver grey split face mosaic tiles, which complement lighter shades in the garden perfectly. We also love these sparkle ice grey split face mosaic tiles. These tiles offer a real wow factor, while still being smooth and seamless in an outdoor space. 

Rustic is another style to consider for outdoor cladding, with classic shades helping to deliver an evocative and exciting feel to an outdoor area. 

Rustic country tiles in a patio area 

Our rustic country outdoor cladding tiles deliver a strong statement, with rich colour patterns creating a warm and composed feel. Our rustic black tiles are equally impressive and make a bold statement as exterior cladding. 

Oyster split face tiles in an outdoor setting 

What else might take your fancy? We love these Oyster split face mosaic tiles, which have a light and playful feel.  

Sheera multicolour split face mosaic tiles in use outdoors 

We also love these Sheera multicolour split face tiles, which are really impactful and help make the most of a space. And we can’t forget our sparkle cream tiles. These are really glamourous and chic tiles that are perfect for creating an outdoor space reminiscent of warm climates. 

Shop for outdoor wall cladding tiles at Stone Tile Company 

We hope you have gained some style inspiration that can help shape your plans for outdoor areas this summer.  

Stone Tile Company has a brilliant stock of outdoor cladding wall tiles, so take a look through our choices and find what works for you. 

We also offer outdoor floor tiles, helping you combine your exterior set up in a beautiful way. 

Check our delivery options, and if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the Stone Tile Company team. We will be delighted to offer our support.