Marvel at our Majestic Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles

Marvel at our Majestic Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles
3 August 2022

Marble is a material that has been used in buildings and homes for centuries. The very word conjures up ideas of luxury and class, with the visual beauty of marble something to behold.

In the modern age, it is possible to bring the aesthetic effects of marble into your home through carefully designed products that combine beauty and utility.

An example is Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles. Using the latest inkjet printing technology, sumptuous marble patterns have been produced resembling, in vigorous detail, that of true marble in the form of a durable porcelain tile. This comes without the associated maintenance of natural stone, and definitely without the price tag!

In this Stone Tile Company blog, we take a look at why marble effect porcelain tiles are proving so popular, how they can be used in your home to create a gorgeous domestic setting, and pick out some of the best marble effect porcelain tiles out there.

Wondrous White Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles

There is something distinctly appealing about white tiles. The light shades have great light-reflecting qualities, which help make spaces feel airy and pleasant, as well as luxurious.

White marble effect porcelain tiles are the perfect way to enliven a space and bring that touch of timeless class. They also bring beauty across a selection of spaces – be it opulent hallways, sophisticated kitchen areas or classy bathroom spaces.

A prime example are these Calacatta white marble effect porcelain wall and floor tiles. These tiles meld the aesthetics of classic Calacatta marble with modern tiling requirements. We offer this in sizes 600x295mm and 600x600mm, which offer great value and the flexibility to use in a variety of places in the modern home.

Another beautiful white marble-effect porcelain tile is our Carrara white marble effect porcelain tiles. Simply oozing opulence, these tiles recreate the stunning effect of Carrara marble with ease. These tiles truly compliment other elements of a kitchen or bathroom space, such as copper and brass features.

We again offer this in sizes 600x295mm and 600x600mm versions, which work particularly wonderfully in smaller spaces such as bathrooms and en-suites to showcase the warm luxurious tones these tiles offer.

We must also mention these Lavish mirror polished porcelain wall and floor tiles. With tinges of bronze and gold veining mixed in with the deep white marble-effect porcelain, these tiles are a true contender when choosing a luxurious tile for your home.

With their edges being rectified, these tiles are perfect for seamless, open-plan living which allows for smaller grout lines. For those looking to cover a larger area, or simply wanted to create a broader surface with fewer breaks in the form of grout lines, we would recommend our 600mm x 1200mm format which we offer in plentiful sumptuous colours and styles for your desired aesthetic.

Gorgeous Grey Marble Effect Porcelain

Darker, richer shades of marble effect porcelain tiles have a charm of their own. Our collection includes a number of grey marble effect porcelain tiles, which offer an evocative base for a kitchen, bathroom or hallway and continue to provide that feeling of opulence, serenity and even described by our customers as providing a ‘luxurious French hotel bathroom’ aesthetic.

The Calacatta Grande mirror polished porcelain tiles we stock are a strong choice for anybody wanting an authentic-looking natural stone surface in their home. These tiles are exclusively designed and manufactured by Stone Tile Company in our own factories, and are a truly timeless tile and aesthetic which can be used as the perfect medium in any design/ interior scheme and also works wonderfully in large open-plan living areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Options include size 600x600mm and 600x1200mm.

Moving towards our grey shade tiles, consider our Pietra marble effect polished porcelain tiles. Suitable for floors and walls, these tiles have a majestic surface with a mirror like shine that portrays them barely distinguishable from the real thing.  Our 600x295mm tiles are worth a look here, and the fact these tiles are pre-sealed with a Nano sealer for ease of installation is also a bonus .Truly impressive surfaces can be created using this durable tile.

Another example from our grey range is our exclusive Mirage grey porcelain range. Inspired by natural Tuscan marble, tiles will bring 5 star luxury to any room. These beautiful tiles are exclusively designed in Italy and manufactured by ourselves in our own factories; so this means we are going to save you a fortune compared to any other tile of this standard. our Mirage mirror polished porcelain tiles come in 600x1200mm and 600x600mm options, giving you ample choice.

For slightly warmer and neutral design schemes, take a look at our Florence Ivory mirror polished porcelain tiles. These tiles feature an ivory base with subtle grey tones, and warm brass/copper highlights.

These tiles are pre-sealed with a Nano sealer, making the installation process and maintenance that bit easier. They have also proven a popular choice with home interior influencers, including @thegreybuild and @mrslhome.

Let’s finish with a flourish, in the form of our Roma Matt Marble Effect Porcelain tiles. The perfect way to create luxury style on a budget, these tiles have a R10 matt finish. This makes them ideal for high traffic areas of your home, especially in wet areas, but they are not rough to the touch. This means they are easy to clean and maintain. A very strong investment!

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