Why Natural Stone Tiles should be in your home improvement plans

Sheera multicolour split face mosaic tiles on the outside of a building
10 February 2022

Whenever we make the commitment to enhance or improve something in our home, some nerves can crop up.

What if it goes wrong? Or make things worse? There tends to be a little voice in our heads whenever we take a risk of sorts.

Your home improvement projects are certainly something you want to get right and in order to avoid that nagging sense of doubt, any guidance you can get should be looked at.

You might want to turn a tired space into something special. Or you might be looking to sell up soon and aiming to increase the value of your house. Whatever motivation you have to make your home that little bit nicer, we think natural stone tiles are something to consider.

We love natural stone tiles at Stone Tile Company for many reasons. In our latest blog, we explain why any home improvement plan you have – be it a bathroom, kitchen or living room project – can be enhanced by embracing natural stone.

What’s so great about natural stone?

Black Antique limestone flagstone flooring tiles

Natural stone is a superb, sleek, special surface to bring into any contemporary home. Honing back to traditional domestic designs, natural stone is able to cope with the rigours of modern living while providing the kind of gorgeous aesthetic many homeowners want.

Natural stone is also durable and designed to be seamlessly integrated into any home across many spaces. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, patio areas – the list goes on when it comes to where natural stone can flourish.

Its adaptability and aesthetic qualities mean that natural stone is a sublime choice when it comes to a home improvement project.

What effect does natural stone have in a room?

Silver Grey split face mosaic tiles

This will differ depending on the approach taken and the surfaces on which natural stone is used. What is pretty universal however is the way natural stone tiling creates a smooth and subtly beautiful surface wherever it is installed.

Natural stone floor tiles can provide a gentle yet crisp base for a room to expand from. It brings a dynamic quality that allows the rest of the room to ‘pop’. In bathrooms and kitchens, natural stone is a practical choice, while on patio spaces, it has the ability to allow for that sociable and sophisticated sentiment to permeate.

Natural stone wall tiles are equally capable of creating a graceful air and are an obvious choice when it comes to home improvement.

If you are looking to make changes to your home in order to enhance its visual effect and practical quality, then natural stone tiles are a perfect fit.

What varieties of natural stone tiles are there?

A kitchen floor with natural black slate tiles

One of the most appealing aspects of natural stone tiles is the selection of different surfaces and effects that are available.

Slate wall and floor tiles are a classic of the genre because of their impressive look and practical benefits in the home. Limestone tiles are an equally celebrated natural stone choice, while Quartzite tiles’ use of light and suitability across many wall spaces has seen its popularity soar.

Black granite tiles on the floor of a hallway

Granite tiles are a popular choice when it comes to creating chic, modern spaces, while Travertine tiles offer a homely and warm texture while still providing the benefits of natural stone.

We also love split face mosaic tiles in natural stone. The effect of these tiles is really something special, and can breathe new life into many rooms easily. This makes it a natural fit for any home improvement plans you may have and are well worth considering if you have one of your own in mind.

What natural stone do we have available?

Here at the Stone Tile Company, we have vast range of natural stone wall and floor tiles available for you to choose from and enhance your home with.

Our six stunning collections are packed full of quality products and our site contains all the photographic evidence you need to understand just how good natural stone tiles can look in a modern home.

Be sure to take a look through our product guides, including our natural slate tile guides and our granite tile guide and split face mosaic tile guides.

If you are not sold on natural stone, we also have excellent porcelain tile choices, so browse through and see what we have to offer.

Take a look our installation guide and advice on tile patterning, and don’t forget to check our delivery offering too.

And if you have any questions, our team will be happy to help. Simply get in touch with the Stone Tile Company experts and get the answers you need.