Our Guide to Must-Have Tiling Accessories

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30 October 2018

Three must have tiling accessories

So you’ve gone through the range of tiles we have available at Stone Tile Company. You’ve found the perfect bathroom wall tiles or kitchen floor tiles for example. You’re well on your way to having the tiled surface in your home that you’ve been longing for.

But what now? What else is required to execute your tile installation and ensure that the picture that you have for your tiled walls or floors in your mind’s eye becomes a reality?

There are a number of accessories you can purchase to help ensure that your stone tiles look exactly as you want, and are implemented perfectly.

At Stone Tile Company, we stock a host of accessories that are the ideal purchase to complement your tiling selection. We’ve picked out what you should consider and the benefits it will bring to you.

Adhesives & Grouts

Adhesives and grouts are the best way to seal and bond tiles, ensuring stability and structure is maintained. These items help make the task of laying tiles far easier, ensuring that the quality finish you want is achieved.

Adhesives are perfect for ensuring tiles are secure, while grout is used to fill the spaces between tiles and create a safe, smooth surface for your floor or walls.

These items are a must when implementing your tiles, and at Stone Tile Company we stock a broad selection of adhesives and grouts to help your project get done with no hitches. You can pick up products in different colours to match your tile selection.

We also stock primer products that can help stabilise and consolidate substrate surfaces. This reduces absorbency, and makes it easier for adhesives and grouts for example to flow, cure and bond.

Sealers & Cleaners

Once your tiles are all in place, you can use sealers and cleaners to ensure they stay looking as you’d like them to.

Our range of tile accessories includes Natural Stone impregnating sealer, as well as products designed to intensify colour and block stains.

There are also polished wall and floor tile sealers available, while grout stains can be tackled with a dedicated remover and cleaner product from our range.

So if you’re looking to maintain the style and integrity of your tiles moving forwards, a purchase from Stone Tile Company’s range of sealers and cleaners is a wise idea.

Execute your Tiling project perfectly

We believe that you can find everything you need to get perfect tiles in your home from Stone Tile Company. Our selection of accessories can help you ensure those finishing touches are made to give you years of enjoyment from the beautiful tiled surface you’ve created.

Be sure to take a look through our general installation guide before getting work underway. We also have handy fitting guides for different types of tile.

And if you have any questions about our products, our team will be delighted to help you. Be sure to get in touch.