Our Top Tips For Small Bathrooms

Calabria Aqua Patterned tiles in a small bathroom
10 May 2022

When you think of an impressive home, it is often the use of space which sticks with you. Being able to make the most of what’s available and create a memorable effect is the ideal for rooms across the modern home. 

One room of the home where space can often be at a premium is the bathroom. These have a functional quality that means typically in home designs, they are not given a massive amount of space. 

Add to this downstairs bathrooms, which are characteristically small by nature, and the bathroom is the perfect example of a space where making the most of what is available is vital. 

If you have a small bathroom you would like to do more with, then fear not. In this latest Stone Tile Company blog, we provide you with some simple small bathroom ideas that can make a real difference. 

Be Positive with your Patterns 

One the best ways to make the most of a space is by breathing life into it with eye-catching patterning. By adding a creative flourish and a touch of artistry, the effect on the room can be an additional feeling of spaciousness and airiness. 

 Lyra black star patterned tiles 

Patterns also give a whole new visual angle to the space, adding character and texture that distracts from the room’s size and instead draws attention to the patterns themselves.


Madeira grey patterned tiles in a bathroom

Patterned tiles are also a great basis from which to build the rest of a space, with this working particularly well in a bathroom setting. The combination of patterned and smooth tiles can accentuate the space available and really push the positives. 

For strong patterned tile options, we recommend these evocative Madeira grey patterned tiles, while the Lyra Black Star patterned tiles are an equally exciting choice. And we can’t get enough of these Calabria Aqua patterned tiles, which bring beautiful light shades in stunning patterns into the fold. 

Play around with shapes 

Carrara Satin hexagonal shaped tiles in a small bathroom

One amazing way that tiles can play around with the feel of a room is with their interesting shapes. Simply being creative with the laying patterns you adopt can quickly bring a new element to a small bathroom and turn it into a more rounded and enjoyable area. 

Vedra Latte brick wall tiles

There are plenty of options on this front, with shapes able to form an important part of your small bathroom design ideas.  

We have everything from our Carrara Satin Hexagon tiles through to Vedra Latte Brick wall tiles available to give you that experimental option when it comes to patterned tiles.  

Rich colour schemes 

Paris Rose Brick Wall Tiles

Colour is a crucial element of any room. Bathrooms in particular stand to benefit from a rich burst of colour to add some vitality. 

In small bathroom spaces, colour can bring an extra element into play that delivers a new style. Emotive tones and statement-making style combines beautifully with colourful tiles. So if you are looking to bring that touch of quality into play, this is a great way to go. 

We love the Paris range of brick wall tiles we offer, and these make a strong choice for a small bathroom space. The Paris Rose brick wall tiles are a particularly strong option in our opinion, and can form a crucial part of any modern small bathroom ideas you may have 

Revert to the classics 

Carrara White Mirror polished porcelain tiles

Something to consider with small bathrooms is that their size isn’t by definition a negative. Small bathrooms, if laid out well, accessorised fully and completed in the right way, can be a real triumph. 

Florence Ivory Mirror Polished porcelain tiles in a bathroom

With this in mind then, you can take a positive approach to a small bathroom and use contemporary stone tiles with all the beauty of classic tiling. 

Porcelain tiles are a strong option in any bathroom space, with our Florence Ivory Mirror polished and Carrara White Mirror Porcelain tiles both strong choices.  

Calacatta white mirror polished porcelain tiles

Polished porcelain tiles really help make the most of the light available and can help extend the feel of the bathroom with ease. For really light-enhancing porcelain tiles, consider these Calacatta white mirror polished porcelain tiles. 

Shop for tiles for small bathrooms at Stone Tile Company 

We hope this has provided some ideas for small bathrooms and some food for thought on how to make the most of any small bathroom space you have in your home. 

Our range is packed full of quality options that bring the perfect surfaces to your home with ease. Take a look through our full collection of bathroom tiles, while our natural stone and porcelain ranges are well worth taking a look through too. 

Be sure to take a browse through our tile patterns guide, while our general installation guide and fitting guides can be really beneficial too.  

Check our delivery options as well, and if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Stone Tile Company team. We will be happy to help.