Latest Inspirational Kitchen Photography

Latest Inspirational Kitchen Photography
12 October 2012

We have been working with fantastic team at Cyan Studio's over the past few weeks to feature two of our Natural Slate floor tiles in some larger kitchen sets - so we can illustrate how amazing these tiles look in larger open-plan design schemes.

Black Slate 600x300mm

































The first shot features the ever popular Black Slate 600x300mm which complements this modern high gloss kitchen perfectly. The mix of textures and sleek finishes really illustrates how fantastic this floor can look! Black Slate 600x300mm can provide a dramatic statement to any interior scheme, complementing or enhancing an existing kitchen or even making a new room look amazing. 

Grey Slate 300x300mm

































The second is Grey Slate 300x300mm this slightly softer coloured stone works wonderfuly with this classic kitchen design. Our Grey Slate has a wonderful colour tone, predominately grey with subtle tones of olive, which work so well in both classic and contemporary design schemes.

We can't wait to get our new advertising campaign underway with these wonderful shots!