The ultimate outdoor entertaining areas

Silver grey split face mosaic tiles on a wall in a garden space
3 May 2022

Silver grey split face mosaic tiles on a wall in a garden space

You might not want to, but think back to the depths of winter for a minute. There might well have been a night where you were sat on your sofa, possibly wrapped up to stay warm, and dreaming of a beautiful summer evening where you could relax and unwind with a nice drink and some sun in the sky. 

Well, the good news is this kind of scenario shouldn’t be oh so very far away. The summer months are coming and the weather is starting to improve. 

A favourite activity for many people come summertime is to welcome guests over for a party, for dinner, for a barbeque or just a catch up. And when the sun is shining, there’s no better place for this than a brilliant garden setting. 

With this in mind, getting an outdoor space that meets your entertainment requirements should be a priority. At Stone Tile Company, we love helping people kit out the ultimate outdoor entertaining areas. 

With summer round the corner then, we wanted to create a guide on how to create outdoor entertaining spaces that are sure to go down a treat. 

Selecting your spot 

Loft dark grey stone concrete effect porcelain tiles

When setting up a specific corner of your garden or outdoor space for entertainment purposes, it’s worth giving some thought to the optimal location.  

One priority should be sunlight. Depending on the area available, and particularly if space is at a premium, creating an entertainment area in a place where there will be as much sunlight as possible is a good idea. 

Loft dark grey stone concrete effect porcelain tiles

Given the changing position of the sun over the day as well, it’s important to consider what time you are likely to be having guests. The aim should be to have your entertainment area in a place where access to the sun is as long and frequent as possible. 

This means if you can create an entertainment space in a spot where the evening sun hits, you can really enjoy those lingering summer evenings to their fullest extent.  

Seating, eating or both? 

Ivory split face mosaic tiles

When creating that perfect outdoor space, it is worth thinking about what you are actually going to be using it for. 

Again, if space is relatively tight, then a cute corner set up for seating and relaxing in is spot on. With a tiled wall to reflect light (we recommend our ivory split face mosaic tiles for this), these little seating areas are ideal for a morning cuppa in the sun, unwinding with a book, or enjoying a glass of wine on a pleasant evening.  

Rustic country multicolour split face mosaic tiles

If outdoor dining is the main motivation behind creating a special place in your garden, then an in-built oven or barbeque is a great idea as something of a centrepiece. This allows food preparation and food consumption to be easily combined, and works perfectly for anybody looking to treat friends and family to delicious food in a beautiful outdoor setting.  

We really like how these Rustic Country multicolour split face mosaic tiles have been used for an outdoor living space with bbq here (see above). 

Denver Sky Porcelain outdoor slab tiles

An additional form of entertaining space is an outdoor dining area. With an ornate table for multiple people to gather round and enjoy each other’s company, as well as something tasty, these outdoor eating places work really well. 

Top tile styles for entertaining areas  

Miami Ivory porcelain outdoor slab tiles in a garden setting

With a few options and avenues to go down when it comes to outdoor entertaining areas, it would be rude for us not to pick out some of our favourite outdoor tiling choices.  

Never underestimate the importance of a patio when enjoying outdoor living, which aesthetically helps set a tone for the space. We love the light shades of our Miami Ivory porcelain outdoor slab tiles, as well as the Loft Charcoal grey stone concrete effect porcelain outdoor slab tiles we stock. 

Loft charcoal grey stone concrete effect porcelain outdoor slab tiles

One consideration when selecting tiles for the outdoors is the kind of theme you want to create. If light shades with a kind of Mediterranean vibe are up your street, then our Boston Pebble Outdoor Porcelain slab tiles work beautifully. These help to provide a gentle yet impressive base for the rest of your garden to flourish from. 

Loft charcoal grey stone concrete effect porcelain outdoor slab tiles

Another option here is our Denver Fog Outdoor slab tile, which are perfect if you want to flow indoor areas into outdoor areas. The work as the perfect base for patios and terraces, enabling smooth transitions with light shades of porcelain. 

Loft charcoal grey stone concrete effect porcelain outdoor slab tiles

For an earthier feel, our Denver Anthracite porcelain outdoor slab tiles are a great option. With a rich colour and particularly hardwearing, these tiles are water-resistant and the perfect investment for anybody looking to create a gorgeous external space. 

A garden area with Denver Fog outdoor slab tiles

Equally effective at playing this role are our Loft dark grey concrete effect porcelain tiles, while if you are looking for a particularly fine wall tile for an outdoor entertainment area, we highly recommend our silver grey split face mosaic tiles. 

Have a summer to remember with Stone Tile Company 

We hope this blog has given you some outdoor entertaining space ideas. If you are keen to make some changes to your garden area this summer, then the Stone Tile Company range can help get things where they need to be. 

Our collection of outdoor tiles is jam-packed full of brilliant options that offer a whole host of stylistic choice.  

Be sure to browse through the range we have and get the perfect outdoor tiles for your requirements. Take a look through our fitting guides, as well as our general installation guide, to get a good idea of how to create the outdoor entertaining space you want. 

And feel free to contact the Stone Tile Company team if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist.