Tile ideas for larger bathrooms

Tile ideas for larger bathrooms
26 August 2021

Carrara white porcelain tiles in a large bathroom space

With homes coming in all shapes and styles, there isn’t really a one size fits all approach that can be taken when it comes to home improvement. 

This means having a little more flexibility and working towards your specific needs is a better idea.  

If you are the proud owner of a large bathroom and you are keen to revamp it, it’s good to be prepared for the specific challenges it presents. 

At Stone Tile Company, our specialty is providing the products and advice people need to complete a home improvement project they can be proud of. 

So in our latest blog, we have put together a few tips for anybody taking on a large bathroom and wanting to bring tiles into the mix. 

Tiles that accentuate the space 

Arguably the most important part of adding tiles to a large bathroom space is finding the type of tile that is suited to what you are working with. 

With a bigger area to cover while still looking to create a smooth feel, in large bathrooms specifically we recommend choosing larger sized tiles that accentuate cohesion and flow.  

Smoother tiles are preferable to busy tiling arrangements in our opinion in larger bathroom spaces, at least on the base level. 

However, we are not averse to patterned tiles on a large bathroom floor. These can help to provide a crisp yet intriguing base to a bathroom and add extra character to the room. 

Careful placement of busier tiles

Midas Glass Copper brick mosaic wall tiles

While generally we advise larger tile arrangements in large bathrooms, there is no reason why busier tiles cannot be used in certain parts. 

For example, a splashback area behind the sink could benefit from smaller mosaic tiles, enhancing the visual diversity on show and creating a different aesthetic feel. 

Other areas where busier tiles can work include shower areas and feature walls. Carefully combining smoother tile shades and busier tile varieties can bring about a beautiful contrast that will stand the test of time. 

Lighter tiles or darker shades?  

Lisbon Black Brick Effect Gloss Wall Tiles

When tiling a smaller bathroom, we generally encourage our customers to use lighter colours and shades in order to make the most of the light that is available. This can help prevent a small bathroom from feeling boxy or claustrophobic in any way. 

With larger bathrooms, this is less of an issue. It is more likely that greater amounts of natural light will be on offer, meaning you don’t necessarily have to stick to lighter tile combinations. 

There is an opportunity to experiment with darker shades and give your large bathroom a deeper, richer look. This might be achieved with Royale Ash porcelain for example, or Lisbon Black Brick Wall Tiles. 

Of course, light shaded tiles with a smooth aesthetic are still great options for larger bathrooms. This approach can enhance the light and vitality on offer even further, and really enable you to create an airy space that oozes luxury and class. 

To pattern or not to pattern

Maderia soft grey Patterned Porcelain Wall and Floor tiles in a large family bathroom

We love patterned tiles at Stone Tile Company, but they might not be ideal for a large bathroom space simply because their subtlety can be lost if used across too wide an area. 

As mentioned, patterned tiles are a good feature wall option, as well as working well around shower areas or splashback areas.  

You could choose patterned tiles on your floors in a large bathroom, and this is something we have seen work pretty effectively. 

Generally speaking however, we advise using a little caution with patterned tiles in larger spaces. You want to ensure as best you can that the patterns on show don’t jar or prove overwhelming in the space. For this reason, smoother tiles are a safer choice. 

The Stone Tile Company Bathroom Tile Collection

Carrara White Marble effect porcelain floor tiles in a large bathroom

At Stone Tile Company, we have a wide array of bathroom wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles available which can provide you with everything you need to tile your large bathroom with ease. 

If you want smoother styled tiles, our large bathroom tiles in porcelain take some beating. Particular favourites of ours include our Carrara White Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles,  

Fusion Stone Porcelain Tiles and Perla Soft Grey Polished Porcelain Tiles. These all offer that crisp and classical look, while delivering all the practical benefits you need in a bathroom area.

Perla soft grey marble effect tiles in large bathroom space

For feature walls, shower areas and splashback areas, we recommend Soho Stone Porcelain tilesModerna Cream Porcelain tiles, or Aura Grey Split Face Effect Wall Tiles. All three enable a dynamic yet seamless look to prevail which we feel can work splendidly in a bathroom area. 

We also have exciting tiles available, such as our Paris brick varieties which include NavyRose and Forest shades.  

Paris forest brick wall tiles in a large bathroom environment

And we have cream Lisbon Brick wall tiles, Chicago Honed Marble Brick and plenty of chevron mosaic choices too. Take a look at our Mystique Black & Gold Diamond Mosaic and Mystique Latte & Silver Chevron Mosaic for example.

Vector Black Hexagonal Tiles

And last but not least, take a look at our patterned tile choices. We love these Latina Sky Patterned tiles for floors, while our Genoa Grey Patterned Tiles and Vector Black Hexagon Tiles could be the perfect large bathroom floor tiles. 

Shop for Bathroom tiles online today 

We hope this has provided some inspiration as to your large bathroom tiling choices. Be sure to browse through our full range and find that perfect buy for your tastes and requirements. 

Take a look too at our delivery information, and our fitting guides and installation guide also contain some useful info. 

And if you have any questions at all, simply contact the Stone Tile Company team. We will be happy to help.