Tiles that step outside of the norm

Tiles that step outside of the norm
28 April 2021

The homes we live in are our personal spaces, and the rooms we inhabit play a huge role in our day-to-day life.

This means you need these spaces to feel like your own. Having a home that feels bland and generic to us is no good for our wellbeing.

At Stone Tile Company, we believe in creating a domestic environment in which we feel comfortable and cosy. This is part of the reason why the range of tiles we have at Stone Tile Company incorporates so many different tile designs.

Some of our products offer something slightly outside the norm. We have a number of unique tiles that we feel are a really good option for buyers looking for something different.

In our latest blog, we have picked out six tile designs we think will appeal to people looking for different tiles from the status quo.

Lunar Copper Metal & Glass Modular Mosaic

A kitchen with lunar copper and brass metal glass modular mosaic tiles

Some people like to keep a home that features smooth, sleek surfaces. But anybody reading this blog may well be looking for a busier aesthetic.

If so, these lunar copper metal glass modular mosaic tiles are a great option as a wall tile choice. Combining rich copper and brass shades with glistening textured glass, these tiles work really well in kitchen spaces or in bathrooms.

Chicago Honed Marble Chevron Mosaic

Chicago Honed Marble Chevron Mosaic tiles in a shower space

Jaunty lines and subtle combinations are the order of the day with these Chicago Honed Marble Chevron Mosaic tiles. They offer a really chic, modern tile choice, and can be easily teamed up with blue and grey colour schemes.

These quirky tiles work really well in kitchen and bathroom spaces, working beautifully as feature walls or in splashback areas.

Paris Rose Brick Wall Tiles

Paris Rose Brick Effect Gloss Wall Tiles

Got a particular space that you want to tile in a quirky and kitsch way? These Paris Rose Brick Effect Gloss Wall Tiles offer a great shade and are something really special.

These tiles are perfect for areas such as downstairs bathrooms, hallways and other small spaces that can benefit from some stylish colour.

With subtle tones of pale pink and pastel coral, these tiles bring together class and style with an individualistic, handmade appearance.

Lyra Navy Star Pattern Tiles

A Lyra Navy Star Patterned tile

A recent addition to our range at Stone Tile Company are these Lyra Navy Star Pattern Tiles. These tiles are suitable for walls and floors and bring a feeling of Mediterranean style to a space.

With genteel yet bold combinations, this tile is perfect for anybody seeking to create an aesthetic that is outside the norm, but relaxing and easy on the eye.

Ravello Grey Patterned Tiles

Ravello Grey Patterned Tiles from Stone Tile Company

Continuing with the Mediterranean theme, these Ravello Grey Patterned Tiles have a subtly cosmopolitan feel.

Combining brooding shades, these tiles help bring the very best out of a space. These tiles also contain over 20 different graphics on the tile face. This means that it is easy to create a truly eye-catching surface.

Vector White Hexagon Tiles

Vector White Hexagon Tiles in a kitchen area

Last but not least, these Vector White Hexagon Tiles are a great way to use shape to create a distinctive effect.

Breaking away from the normal approach to tiling, the hexagonal tiles tie together a space beautifully. These tiles are made from premium porcelain that supports the creation of a really stunning visual effect.

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As you can see, we like to cater for all tastes here at Stone Tile Company. We hope you have found this blog to be insightful and if you are looking for some quirky floor tiles or quirky wall tiles, look no further.

Be sure to browse through our full range, and take a look too at our delivery options. And if you have any questions, just get in touch with our team. We will be happy to offer our support.