Top 3 Indoor Outdoor Tile Design Ideas

Top 3 Indoor Outdoor Tile Design Ideas
17 June 2017

Previously, we’ve talked about the fun and easy ways to spruce up your garden by turning it into a ‘living’ area.  

Now, let’s focus more on the trend of blending your indoor tiles with your outdoor tiles. This can beautifully bridge the gap between indoor living spaces and outdoor spaces. 

Blending your indoor and outdoor tiles will give you the appearance of having one big room, as opposed to two separate spaces. This will work exceptionally well for those of you who have smaller gardens or even yards and creates a seamless transition between the two.  

This trend even works perfectly when winter is upon us, and we start to create a natural connection between outside and inside.  

Now, while we emphasise the look and feel it will give you, the most important thing is which tiles to choose as they have to be suitable for both internal and external use. So without further ado, let's take a look at the indoor and outdoor flooring tiles we recommend to meld the indoor and outdoors. 

1 - Porcelain Tiles

Our number 1 recommendation is porcelain tiles, and here’s why… 

Porcelain tiles are fast becoming 'the' ultra contemporary solution when it comes to blending indoor and outdoor design schemes. Selecting an R10-R11 porcelain will ensure you have an exceptionally hard wearing solution.  

These tiles are anti-slip and can endure the most extreme weather conditions. In the UK, this is pretty much just rain and frost. 

Light grey porcelain tiles in an indoor outdoor living room space

Porcelain is produced through higher temperatures than traditional ceramic tiles and made with a more purified clay. This allows for the finish to be a great deal harder and denser than ceramic tiles. This means porcelain tiles can pretty much last a lifetime. 

Porcelain tiles in an indoor outdoor setting

If you’re looking for a really strong contender then look no further than porcelain tiles. They are non-porous, so require little to no maintenance and are easy to clean, which is always a bonus! 

Creating that stylish entertaining space is simple with outdoor porcelain tiles. Double the thickness of normal porcelain tiles, they are built to withstand anything you throw at them. Outdoor porcelain tiles are the perfect solution as they combine on-trend design with the practicality needed for our British weather.  

Made in a 20mm large format slab, they are strong, frost-proof, non-slip, fade resistant and will not discolour. This makes them a perfect low maintenance solution for your patio or terrace. So why not bring a touch of style to your exteriors with outdoor porcelain tiles?

Large format porcelain tiles in a patio setting

Dark or light grey is perfect for creating a contrast to the greenery outside (they are the on-trend colour for inside too), and are less likely to show up those dirty footprints.

Contemporary 20mm grey porcelain tiles in a patio setting

2 - Natural Slate Tiles 

If porcelain tiles are just not for you, then you can go with our second recommendation - Natural Slate Tiles. 

Natural slate tiles have been used outdoors for many years, mostly due to the rustic stone effect of the slate. However, a lot of people recently have opted for natural slate tiles in living rooms and other indoor spaces too. This creates an area that is both modern and sophisticated, making these tiles a fantastic option if you wanted to blend the indoors and outdoors together. 

Natural slate tiles crossing a kitchen/garden divide

Natural Slate tiles being used both indoors and outdoors
Natural black slate is a fine-grained material in the category of metamorphic rocks. It is completely waterproof, hard wearing and is suitable for all weather types. As with all-natural stone, you need to seal the product, which will provide better protection against stains, as well as enhance the natural colours. 

3 - Limestone Tiles 

Still not found exactly what you’re looking for? We have one more recommendation left… Limestone! 

Limestone has been traditionally used as a standard thick flagstone for many years. However, with advances in production you can find contemporary styles and finishes. Limestone tiles also work exceedingly well outside thanks to their durability. Similarly to slate tiles, you just need to make sure they’re properly sealed, as again this will provide better protection against any staining and against adverse weather conditions. 

Limestone tiles being used to blend the indoors and outdoors

Limestone tiles are incredibly versatile, and this type of tile creates contemporary and traditional designs with ease. All in all, this is a fantastic choice to use both inside and outside the home. 

Our range of limestone tiles have an exclusive 14mm thickness which is perfect for internal areas and the brushed antique texture is a massive thumbs up on slip resistance for your external zones, as well as being barefoot friendly! Bonus! 

Choose the perfect indoor outdoor tile for you 

As you’ve seen, there are lots of ideas and styles to think about. However, with our top 3 suggestions, any garden (regardless of size or budget) can be transformed into your perfect outdoor space come rain or shine!