Top 7 Outdoor Split Face Cladding Tiles

Ivory Split Face Mosaic tiles in an outdoor space
3 March 2022

A key trend today is blending our gardens with our home interiors, so they are really to be seen as an extension of our indoor spaces.  

Tiling your exterior walls or planters with split face cladding not only means you'll have less maintenance (winner) the style they provide will align with the vibe and feel of your domestic space is a really appealing combination. 

In our latest blog, we have picked out our top 7 choices for outdoor split face cladding tiles to help take your homes and gardens to a new level.  

Ivory Split Face Mosaic Tiles 

Ivory Split Face Mosaic tiles in an outdoor space

We start with these light and calming Ivory Split Face Mosaic Tiles. These undulating 3D natural stone mosaic tiles are perfect for complementing patio areas, combining grey tiles with warmer shades. These are the perfect versatile split face tile for the outdoors. 

Rustic Country Multicolour Split Face Mosaic Tiles 

 An outdoor fireplace with rustic country multicolour split face mosaic tiles

Bearing a particularly autumnal feel are these gorgeous rustic country multicolour split face mosaic tiles. Comprised of five rows of real slate, these tiles are also interlocking and easy to fit. They really bring a sense of natural ease to a space, and can be the perfect selection for an outdoor area, such as a garden bar. or outdoor fireplace. Both interesting on the eye yet seamlessly able to meld with the rest of a space, these are a strong choice for anybody keen to incorporate rustic beauty into gardens or outdoor areas.  

Deoli Green Split Face Mosaic Tiles 

Deoli Green Split Face Mosaic Tiles outdoors

The brilliant thing about gardens and outdoor areas is having the chance to engage closely with nature without leaving your property. A type of tile that can really speak to that sentiment are these Deoli Green Split Face Mosaic Tiles. With subtle and gentle natural shades, these are the perfect transition point between the comfort of home and the natural world outside. 

Split Face Mosaic Black Slate 

Split Face Mosaic Black Slate Tiles in a garden arrangement

Moody and evocative tile colours can really help to make a bold and exciting statement. This is true for outdoor areas as well as indoors, and these split face mosaic black slate tiles are a prime example. With rich dark colouring, these tiles are a great way to bring out the vibrancy and colour of other elements of your outdoor space.  

Sparkle Ice Grey Split Face Mosaic Tiles 

A wall outside a home with Sparkle Ice Grey Split Face Mosaic tiles

A similarly stunning option for the outdoors are these Sparkle Ice Grey Split Face mosaic tiles. Made with crystal white and grey real quartzite, these tiles are truly versatile, and can be used both inside and outside your home. We really like them as outdoor tiles however, and feel their glitzy vibe is perfect for contemporary living.  

Sparkle Black Quartzite Split Face Mosaic Tiles 

A garage with Black Slate Split Face Mosaic Tiles

For a tile that combines dark and light, take a look at these Sparkle Black Quartzite Split Face Mosaic tiles. With crystal black real quartzite, these tiles can add a feel of glittering glamour to an entranceway or outdoor wall. 


Silver Grey Split Face Mosaic Tiles 

An entrance area to a home 

A final bold and assured option are these silver grey split face mosaic tiles. Again, these come with the intriguing mosaic surface, with natural blue/grey quartzite providing a rich, deep effect. These tiles really deliver the ‘wow factor’, but do so in a way that helps ties the outdoor aesthetic together, making it almost impossible not to be impressed. When used in gardens or around entrance areas, these tiles draw the eye to the surface and help to really enhance the look of a wall or surface 

We hope this list has delivered some important insight into how best to make the most of split face tiles outdoors. 

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