Our Top 5 Autumn Tile Trends

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1 October 2018

The autumn season is full of rich aesthetics and deep colours. This can help deliver some inspiration when it comes to decorating the interior elements of your home.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to pick out our top 5 autumn tile trends for you. It’s always important to find a strong tile design that fits your requirements and vision. So to provide some motivation to crack on with any projects that are in the offing, we’ve put together this blog. Take a look!

1 – Limestone Tiles

Natural Limestone tiles are a popular choice when it comes to selecting natural stone tiles. Especially popular are limestone flooring and wall tiles, and we’ve seen this style of tile take off. We believe it’s down to the great combination of classic aesthetic brilliance and practicality.

Limestone offers a clean, strong look that provides a room with a bold feeling, while also delivering an easy-to-maintain tile.

We stock Jaipur Antique Limestone tiles that reflect the browns and beiges of autumn, as well as black and grey antique limestone that provides buyers with a deep, strong look.

2 – Polished porcelain

Also proving popular this autumn is our range of polished porcelain tiles. This style of tile creates a luxurious vibe and can turn a room lacking in inspiration to a truly magnificent space.

This type of tile is a strong option at this time of year as the nights draw in and the days shorten, with many people looking to enliven their indoor spaces accordingly. Polished porcelain gives that glimmering, shimmering look, and we stock polished and gloss versions in a number of colours. This makes it easy to create a chic polished interior style.

3 – Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect porcelain tiles combine a cool, natural look with top-level practicality. These tiles look great and can help shape the vibe of a room, while they are also especially easy to clean and maintain.

We offer floor and wall tiles that can create a spacious, relaxed environment indoors, and can even be used externally.

4 – Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are always a popular choice because they look great and provide interesting, dynamic aesthetics on the walls of bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and outdoor spaces.

You can find a host of excellent mosaic tiles at Stone Tile Company, and why not take a look at our top ten suggested mosaic tiles for your home?

5 – Autumn Cleaning

Autumn is a time of year when many people like to get a few DIY tasks ticked off that to-do list. So if you’ve bought from us before and want to make sure you maintain your tiles and keep them looking exceptional, you can buy sealers and cleaners from Stone Tile Company today.

Taking such care of your tiling can help extend its life, so it’s in your interest to take good care of them and give them an autumn clean if required.

Be sure to take a look through our full range of products. If you like what you see, feel free to create an account with Stone Tile Company today.