Where can tile cladding be used?

Where can tile cladding be used?
10 August 2020

At Stone Tile Company, our name gives us away somewhat. We live and breathe stone tiles and the various benefits that this type of tile brings to the modern home is something we can’t get enough of.  

We’ve built our business on the visual appeal of these items, with both stone tiles and tile cladding massively appealing to thousands of people taking on home improvement projects each and every year.  

We keep the lines of communication with our customers open and often receive photos of projects that our customers have completed. They’re usually so pleased with the end result that they can’t wait to show us how good their tiles or tile cladding look in their home, and we’re always delighted to receive such photos and hear such positive feedback. 

If you’re considering a home improvement project but aren’t sure whether or not you should use tile cladding in this part of your home, let us explain some of the most popular areas. So read on and find out where we think tile cladding really works well. 

What is tile cladding? 

Tile cladding is a type of cladding that, as the name suggests, looks like tiles. This cladding is cheaper than traditional stone tiles, meaning that if you’re leading a project in your home on a budget, these products can help get a good result with minimal expenditure. 

Where can you use tile cladding indoors?  

A wall in a kitchen covered in split face grey mosaic tiles. 


Living spaces are perfect for tile cladding, and one particular area is around fireplaces. These can be tricky to get right without the best approach, but tile cladding is the ideal way of making a fireplace look its best. 

Sheera Multicolour split face tiles as a feature wall around a fireplace in a living area 

These come in all manner of different styles and colours, including rustic style country tiles and more modern styles too. 

Kitchen areas can also benefit from tile cladding, with splashback areas a solid choice. Feature walls in living areas can also be useful areas to cover with beautiful tile cladding, giving an interesting viewing point within a room.  

What about tile cladding outdoors? 

A small courtyard space with ivory split face mosaic tiles 

Tile cladding can certainly be used in outdoor spaces, with outdoor cladding a consistently popular purchase from the Stone Tile Company website.  

We’ve seen outdoor tile cladding being used around patio and decking areas, helping to create a distinctive character in these spaces that help separate them visually from the rest of the garden. That way, you can create a kind of outdoors retreat that is truly brilliant for unwinding in and enjoying the luxury of. 

Tile cladding can also create a kind of exotic feel in small courtyards, so whether you have a large, expansive garden or just a small bit of outdoor space you want to get the most out of, stone tile cladding is a great way to do so. 

Whether looking for options for feature walls, backdrops for seating areas, or simply seeking to bring beautiful tiles into your outdoor space, the selecting of outdoor cladding wall tiles available at Stone Tile Company is sure to have something to your liking. 

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