Why choose Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

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11 September 2018

Bringing together different types of material within a room can really help to create a dynamic, interesting interior space. It’s all about finding surfaces and aesthetics that combine and compliment in a way that creates something that is visually stunning.

Since our beginnings, at Stone Tile Company, we’ve looked to provide our customers with a spectrum of tile offerings to help them find the perfect combination of elements for their tastes and style.

We have also combined different visual elements with surfaces to provide a fine array of offerings for our customers.

One such combination that immediately springs to mind is our wood effect porcelain tiles. These tiles that look like wood combines the sleek look of wooden surfaces with the resilient, easy to clean class of a porcelain tile.

Creative combinations

At Stone Tile Company, our selection of wood effect porcelain tiles provides our customers with the look they need to add a touch of natural, clear elegance to a room. Wood effect gives a sense of the outdoors, and creates a feeling of relaxation, spaciousness and comfort.

Though wooden in aesthetic, the porcelain behind these tiles means that from a practicality perspective, users benefit from a host of advantages.

A porcelain tile is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear in ways that other flooring surfaces are not. These things are tough!

They are highly durable and ideal for areas of a home with high usages. They are also more moisture resistant due to the density of the substance that they are created from so perfect for bathrooms and wet areas.

Wood effect porcelain tiles don’t have to feel cold underfoot too - suitable for use with all types of under-floor heating so they are perfect for open-plan living areas and bathrooms where you want your feet to be toasty warm.

So if you want a wood style floor or wall without concerns about maintenance and the quality of your purchase diminishing rapidly over time, wood effect porcelain tiles tick these boxes.

What to pick?

If this combination of factors appeal to you, it’s now all about selecting the right type of tile for your requirements.

Wood effect porcelain floor tiles can be used to provide a solid, great-looking floor to a room, you can also create a seamless style as wood effect porcelain tiles can be used on your wall too so you can experiment and get your rooms looking exactly as you wish.

At Stone Tile Company, we offer a selection of wood-effect tiles in different styles. You can purchase white, grey, beige, ivory and natural wood porcelain tiles from our selection, so there’s ample flexibility and variety available to help you make the right decision.

Naturally, this decision will be affected by the room in your home you are looking to revamp. Living areas and bathrooms are a popular venue for wood effect porcelain tiles due to the light, airy feeling they create and ease of maintenance.

We also stock tiles suitable for the kitchen and to be fitted around a fireplace.

Additionally, we stock wood effect porcelain tiles suitable for external usage. Take a look through our outdoor range.

We love what wood effect porcelain tiles bring to the table, and are proud to include them in our range of floor and wall tiles. Be sure to take a look through our full store and find a great buy for you today.