Subway & Brick Wall Tiles

Our subway & brick wall tiles have a classic charm and versatility that makes them a popular option for various spaces around the home. Whether you're looking to add a touch of nostalgia or create a modern or an industrial vibe, subway & brick wall tiles are a great choice.

The origins of subway tiles trace back to the dawn of the 20th century, marking a significant moment in design history when they were first introduced in New York City's underground stations. These tiles were celebrated for their sleek, rectangular form and glossy finish, offering a clean and bright look that appealed to the masses. Their design was not only practical - facilitating easier cleaning and reflecting light in the dim subway passages - but also stylish, quickly transcending their initial utilitarian purpose to become a beloved choice in domestic and commercial interiors alike.

Brick wall tiles draw inspiration from the robust industrial era, a time when exposed brickwork was a common feature in factories and warehouses, embodying strength, and resilience. This look has since been reimagined into brick wall tiles, which encapsulate the essence of industrial charm and bring a tactile, earthy dimension to interiors. Unlike their historical counterpart, these tiles offer a more refined and adaptable solution to achieving the sought-after industrial look without the challenges of maintaining actual brickwork.

Both subway and brick wall tiles have, over the years, cemented their status as enduring elements of design. Their journey from functional basics to decorative staples underscores a shift in how we perceive interior spaces - valuing both form and function, history, and modernity. As they continue to grace contemporary homes and businesses, subway and brick wall tiles stand as a testament to the lasting allure of designs that beautifully blend practicality with aesthetic appeal.

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