Floor tile ideas for your kitchen

Floor tile ideas for your kitchen
14 June 2021

When planning a home improvement project, you might be somebody who is easily inspired. You might love the freedom that choosing the new interiors of your home brings. However you could be at the other end of the spectrum, finding it difficult to get that perfect look and getting frustrated. 

When it comes to kitchen floor tiles, there are many amazing products available on the market. However, you need to ensure that the floor tile you choose will meet the daily demands of the family kitchen, aligns with your general home décor, and really adds to what you have in your domestic space. Here is a selection of our best kitchen tiling options to inspire you. 

Natural Stone Kitchen Tiles 

If you are looking to make a real statement, why not choose Natural Stone Tiles? The natural beauty of stone can bring individuality to any interior. These tiles are in keeping with one of the big trends in recent years - bringing the outdoors indoors. Natural stone tiles are perfect for this and are now available in on-trend larger format tiles to provide extra design flexibility.  

It’s worth considering that natural stone tiles are also environmentally-friendly. And what’s more, due to their density, they are extremely hardwearing. 

Multicolour Modular Tiles 

Sheera multicolour modular slate tiles in a kitchen dining setting 

To add character and sophistication to your home, Multicolour Modular slate floor tiles are the perfect choice for customising a design. The distinctive characteristics of its colour and opus pattern tile variation will help you create an individual kitchen design scheme which can align with other kitchen decor.  

Sheera multicolour flagstone slate tiles in a living area setting

These floor tiles often come in warming shades, providing rustic comfort that can really help to turn the feel of a kitchen space in a positive way. 

Black and Charcoal Slate Tiles 

Black & Charcoal Grey slates are really versatile and can work with contemporary or vintage design schemes. The beauty of their colour and finish means that once sealed, they are extremely hardwearing.  

Brushed black slate in a dining area setting

Natural charcoal slate in a kitchen setting 

In terms of tiled kitchen floors, slate is not as porous as other natural stone tiles like Travertine, Limestone and Sandstone. This makes them a perfect option for the busy family kitchen. 

Granite Kitchen Tiles 

Granite floor tiles are also a popular option for the ultra-modern kitchen. Granite tiles are highly polished, easy to maintain and are exceptionally hard wearing, making them a very popular choice for kitchen floors. 

polished granite floor files in a dining room setting

Limestone Kitchen Tiles 

A great way to customise your kitchen flooring is by using Limestone Tiles These tiles are becoming more and more popular owing to the wonderful authentic appearance which adds a touch of luxury and individuality to your design scheme. 

The beauty of limestone is that you can also extend your living areas and take these tiles outside too. 

black antique limestone in an open plan kitchen with external patio

Porcelain Kitchen Tiles 

Developments in the production of floor tiles have meant that larger format tiles are now available in hard-wearing Porcelain. Regardless of whether your style is ultra-modern and sleek or even traditional, you can create wonderful designs with a variety of porcelain floor tiles now available on the market today.   

 polished porcelain floor tile in a living room setting

These key developments also go hand-in-hand with ‘open plan living’, where the home flows from kitchen through to living room area – something supported by a solid floor design. To get the most out of the trend for open plan living larger format porcelain tiles in 600x600mm sizes are perfect for creating a seamless look. 

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We hope this blog has provided you with some kitchen ideas and tile inspiration around how best to kit the floors of your kitchen out from a tiling perspective.  

You can browse through Stone Tile Company’s full collection of kitchen floor tiles here, while we also have a brilliant range of kitchen wall tiles. Mix and match and find that perfect combination today.  

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