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Create a wow factor with mosaic tiles in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or anywhere around your home for that matter! Our collection is available in glass, marble and metallic styles so whatever your personality is, you’ll be sure to find a mosaic tile for you...

Glass mosaic tiles are simply stunning and will create incredible designs for both kitchen splashbacks and bathroom walls. Our collection of mosaic tiles features glass mosaic tiles, marble mosaic tiles, metallic mosaic tiles and mosaic fireplace tiles.

Mosaic tiles can be used in so many ways, from a simple  or utility splashback, a full feature wall in a shower area or even simply cut them down into creative borders between your wall tiles. Take a look at our mosaic fitting guide for further great advice and tips.

Why not also take a look at our blog "7 Reasons to use Mosaic Tiles in Your Home" and see why Mosaic tiles are one of the most versatile and stylish tile design options available today.

Why not also take a look at our natural stone mosaics tiles our split face tiles to decorate your feature walls with unprecedented style. Split face tiles can be used to clad interal our external walls to create a textural look taht is so easy to maintain.

Finding the right tiles can transform your home into a truly unique space; one that can be enjoyed with friends and family. If you’re a party-person, then mosaic tiles can resonate your sparkly personality; but if a family-life is more your style then our exceptional collection can build a homely environment.

Start browsing our range to diversify your kitchens, bathrooms or favourite living areas. Beauty in your home is just a few clicks away - whether you’re renovating, designing or building. Looking for other uses of mosaic tiles? With our vast range, the opportunities for design are endless.

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