Introducing Patterned Tiles to your home

A bathroom with Genoa Grey patterned porcelain tiles
9 March 2022

A bathroom with Genoa Grey patterned porcelain tiles

When selecting the kind of vibe you want to create in your home, each person will have something slightly different in mind.   

If stone tiles are the way you choose to go, the general feel you can create is one of sleek sophistication. But even within that overall feel, there are different ways and means to achieve the perfect style you want in your home.   

Some people may seek a smooth, clean, almost clinical look in their home, achieving this through the use of stone tiles. But others may want a busier, cosier, more engaging feel to be created.  

If you fall into the latter category of these two, then patterned tiles can work really well. In our latest blog, we have picked out five reasons why introducing patterned tiles to your home is a great shout. Take a look! 

1 - Eye-catching interest  

Lyra Blue Star patterned tiles in a hallway


One of the main reasons people choose to have patterned tiles in their home is because they bring real interest to your domestic spaces.  

The patterns themselves are intriguing and visually beautiful. They stimulate our minds and offer something extra.   

If you are looking for tiles that do not fade into the background but come to the fore, these tiles could be for you.  

2 - Homely feel  

A bathroom with grey patterned porcelain wall and floor tiles  

Patterned tiles create an intimate and homely feel in a domestic space. The patterns help bring areas of a room together, avoiding the potential for vacant spaces. Instead, patterned tiles can tie different elements with one another.   

A reason for not using stone tiles is because they have the potential to be viewed as somewhat clinical and not cosy. But patterned tiles by design are busier, warmer and deliver that cosy feel many people want for their homes.   

3 - Evoke the feel of distant shores   

Calabria Aqua patterned porcelain floor tiles in a bathroom.   

One of the big appealing factors of patterned tiles is that they evoke a feel of holidays and times in the sun.   

These tiles can be reminiscent of times spent in beautiful European destinations, like tranquil islands and glorious beach resorts.   

Being able to bring this vibe into your own home is a real reason why patterned tiles are as popular as they are.  

4 - Tie a room together  

Ravello Rosso patterned porcelain   

Another benefit of patterned tiles is that they can easily help to bring together potentially disparate elements of a large room.  

For example, in a large kitchen and dining area, having a continuous and impressive patterned tile theme allows for different areas of the same space to come together.  

Patterned tiles may also be used as a feature wall, which can again have the effect of bringing together different parts of a space and creating a homogenous whole.  

5 - All the practicality of tiles  

Madeira Grey Porcelain floor tiles  

Though patterned tiles are predominantly chosen for their visual effect, it is easy to overlook the practical benefits of having tiles in your home.  

But the truth of the matter is that there are numerous benefits that tiles bring, including easy cleaning, excellent durability, low maintenance and being resistant to the challenges of family life.   

So patterned tiles bring a brilliant combination of visual beauty and practical benefits – what more could you want?!  
Buy patterned tiles from Stone Tile Company   
At Stone Tile Company, we have a broad collection of tiles for our customers to choose from. This includes a beautiful selection of patterned tiles.  

Take a look for example at our Genoa Grey and Ravello Grey tiles – all of which bring that combination of elegance and practicality to your home.   

Our Ravello Rosso tiles bring a feeling of warmth and tranquillity, while our Calabria Aqua Patterned tiles have a particularly Mediterranean feel.   

 Lyra Black Star tiles on a bathroom floor

Other exciting options include our Lyra Black Star and Lyra Blue Star tiles, both of which offer an eye-catching and memorable effect. 

And take a look also at our Latina Sky patterned tiles. With an evocative yet relaxing feel, these tiles offer something truly special in an indoor space. 

Latina Sky patterned tiles on a bathroom floor

Be sure to browse through all our wall tiles and floor tiles, and find your perfect purchase from Stone Tile Company today.   

Take a look too through our fitting guide, as well as our tile patterns guide.   

You can find out more about our delivery service here, and if you have questions, please do get in touch with the Stone Tile Company team.