Porcelain Tiles vs Travertine Tiles

Porcelain Tiles vs Travertine Tiles
24 August 2020

At Stone Tile Company, we want to provide our customers with the best options for their home improvement project. Whether indoors or outdoors, when it comes to using tiles to take the beauty of your home to new levels, you can be sure to find the ideal tiling option within our range.

But you may not be 100% what the perfect option is. So as well as our brilliant range of tiles, we also pride ourselves on being able to provide top level advice and inspiration for our site visitors. Great news for you I'm sure!

One question we do hear quite regularly is ‘what type of tile do you think is best for my project?’. It can be a tricky one to answer, because ultimately, it’s your decision!

Plenty of our customers know exactly what they want, and that’s great. But sometimes having a bit more information can help you to make a really informed decision. Some people want the perfect fit for their specific situation, and they want us to guide them to that goal. And we’re always pleased to be able to offer that desired guidance.

Two excellent types of tile within our range are porcelain tiles and travertine tiles. In this latest blog, we take a look at both types of tile to provide you with all the information you need to decide which is best for you.

What’s with Porcelain tiles?

A patio with dark grey stone concrete effect porcelain slabs

Porcelain tiles are always a popular choice due to their usage flexibility, their beautiful aesthetic value, and their durability.

Porcelain tiles are made with a very specific type of clay. This is then combined with a finely ground sand and feldspar, before the tiles are fired at a very high temperature. This all means that the finished product is really tough and durable, making porcelain tiles perfect for outdoor use.

That said, porcelain tiles are a good option for indoor use too, with plenty of ways of using porcelain wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles to create a beautiful interior style.

How about Travertine tiles?

A bathroom with travertine tiles

Travertine tiles are a type of natural stone tile that are renowned for their aesthetic qualities, making them a popular choice for an array of spaces within the modern home. They’re chic, classy and much sought after!

It has classical associations, as travertine has been used for generations as a building material. What’s more, upon seeing travertine tiles, your mind naturally goes back to holidays and far-away lands.

Travertine is made with the precipitation of minerals around geothermal pools or hot springs, which means that there are tiny bubbles dotted throughout the stone.

A floor area with travertine effect porcelain modular tiles

Which works best where?

light cream Porcelain tiles in a contemporary outdoor patio setting

Both travertine tiles and porcelain tiles are exceptional choices when it comes to tiles. Both are super-stylish and can be used on both wall and floor, so regardless of what kind of project you have in mind, both are worthy considerations.

We advise choosing between them based on whether your looking to fit them in an area of high traffic or looking for an external solution. Porcelain tiles are much more hardwearing and are available in many different finishes which provide additional slip resistance and wear ratings for high traffic areas.

Porcelain tiles don’t always require sealing so are easier to maintain.

If you're looking for a realistic interpretation of natural stone, then porcelain is a winner, as ink-jet printing allows for life-like printing with little or no maintenance requirements.


Travertine tiles are of a more classical and vintage ilk, with beautiful warmer shades the order of the day. These work incredibly well in period homes and have a classic feel to them. Travertine tiles are bespoke, as each cut piece is unique, with its own markings, pattern and textures so offering an individual and timeless look.

Travertine tiles will require sealing and need on-going care; however, this lends to the beauty of these individual stones. Travertine will stand the test of time if cared for properly.

So what is available from Stone Tile Company?

A bathroom space with polished Carrara effect porcelain tiles

Stone Tile Company is delighted to be able to offer our customers a beautiful range of both porcelain tiles and travertine tiles.

These can be used in a range of ways and a variety of locations in the modern home; indoor or outdoor. With a range of choices, styles and shades available within our range, it’s easy to get hold of your ideal porcelain tile. Just browse through our range.

We are also delighted to be able to offer are selection of stunning travertine tiles too as part of our natural stone tile range. With honed and filled travertine tiles, as well as brushed and chiselled travertine tiles in our range, it’s easy to find that tile that perfectly matches your vision.

Browse through our site and find your ideal tile purchase today. Take a look too through our delivery options, and if you have question, simply get in touch!