Top 7 laying patterns for brick tiles

Paris Rose brick wall tiles in a contemporary setting
5 May 2022

When adding brick tiles to your home, there are a few things to consider. The colour is an obvious priority, while the style and vibe that is created is equally important.  

But an underrated yet very important factor is how you lay your brick tiles. Depending on the approach taken, it is possible to bring a new element of interest to your tile layouts and deliver an eye-catching statement through your laying patterns.  

At Stone Tile Company, we understand the importance of getting the tile set up you really want. With this in mind, here are our top 7 laying patterns for brick tiles, helping you decide on the vibe to create. 

Brick Bond

Paris Forest Brick wall tiles in a bathroom setting 

It is probably best to start this list with the classic brick bond style. This is a fairly typical and traditional style of brick laying, making it very suitable for your tile laying too.  

This laying pattern promotes order and alignment, with strong horizontal lines potentially helping to make a space feel that touch larger. 

To achieve this look, the approach to take is to lay one line of tiles out in a straight line, with the row above it laid out at a 50% offset.  


Paris Rose brick wall tiles in a contemporary setting

If you are looking to create a tile pattern that melds chic vibes with modern living, herringbone is definitely a good way to go. The angular nature of herringbone tiles is eye-catching and impressive by nature, and helps to create a truly timeless quality. 

When it comes to how to lay herringbone tiles, this can be a challenging and difficult thing to get right. We would recommend bringing in a professional to oversee this, but the end result should be well worthwhile. 

Vertical Brick Bond 

Vedra Latte Brick wall tiles 

The vertical brick bond style is a subtle and sophisticated option, with the vertical set up making the most of wall space and delivering a confident aesthetic. 

These tiles can be laid out in a similar way to traditional brick bond, with opposing rows being laid out with 50% offsets.  

Vertical Straight Stack 

 Vedra Pacific Brick wall tiles in a bathroom setting

The vertical straight stack laying pattern again brings that sense of order along with style in abundance.  

The sleek lines and strong visual qualities make stacking brick tiles in this way a strong option, while implementing tiles this way is fairly straightforward. 

Horizontal Straight Stack 

Villandry Gris Brick wall tiles in a kitchen setting

Another orderly yet impressive laying pattern is the horizontal straight stack. Perfect for kitchen splashbacks, this tile style is a calming yet quirky option. 

From an installation perspective, this style ranks among the most straightforward. They also deliver strong lines that can provide the ideal backdrop for other items in a kitchen or bathroom area. This makes them the perfect tile pattern for anybody keen to truly accessorise. 

Vertical Offset Brick Bond 

Monaco Fog Brick Wall Tiles in a shower area

Vertical offset brick bond is a beautiful way to meld colours and develop an entrancing wall that oozes quality. 

This tile pattern, which again should be laid out with a 50% offset, is reminiscent of rows of classic books in its own way. This feeling of domesticity with a modern twist makes a vertical offset brick bond tile pattern a strong option. 

Offset Basketweave 

Monaco Navy Brick Wall Tiles in a bathroom setting

Last but not least, we include the offset basketweave in our top 7 brick tile laying patterns.  

This intricate and experimental style is perfect for rooms with a particularly avant-garde or kitsch feel. The combination of vertical and horizontal tiles helps make for really intriguing patterns and a wall that naturally brings energy and vitality to any interior space. 

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