Large Stone Tiles

Large stone tiles are a brilliant addition to any living space. Here at The Stone Tile Company, you can choose from a range of designs, including natural black slate floor tiles, brushed black slate tiles, sheera multicolour natural slate tiles, and stunning limestone tiles.

These large size tiles are great for covering expansive spaces and give the appearance of a seamless surface. This makes them ideal for use in both domestic and commercial settings, such as restaurants and hotel lobbies.

These tiles also exhibit remarkable natural variations in their colour, giving them an added element of visual interest. From the dark hue of the brushed black slate to the lighter multicolour option of the sheera tiles, these stones can cater to a broad spectrum of aesthetics. Some homeowners prefer a dramatic, monochromatic look, while others might favour the light-hearted multicolour theme.

Made from natural stone, our stone tiles will withstand the rigors of high footfall without showing signs of wear and tear. Hence, if you are seeking a durable solution that will stay in pristine condition for years, large stone tiles are a great choice.

Our large stone tiles have a distinctive touch of luxury. They speak volumes about your taste and can effortlessly give your living space an upscale vibe. Whether you choose to use them in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or outdoors, these tiles will consistently ooze luxury and sophistication.

Our range further cements the fact that the charm of large stone tiles is unparalleled. When you couple their inherent elegance with practical advantages such as durability, low-maintenance, and wide size and colour variety, it's clear that these tiles will be worth the investment. Re-vamp your home with our exclusive, premium range of Large Stone Tiles at prices you’ll love. Shop online today and save up to 60%.

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