New Launch: Check Out Our New & Exclusive Sparkle Split Face Tiles

New Launch: Check Out Our New & Exclusive Sparkle Split Face Tiles
13 June 2023

These new and exclusive split face tiles have been produced in a new, modern 3D multi row interlocking design. With subtle reflective and shimmering qualities, these sparkling quartzite stone tiles will transform your walls, whether fitted outside to decorate garden walls, the facade of your property, or maybe you're looking for the perfect tile to create a luxury spa bathroom or clad an ultra modern media wall. In trendy colours of Charcoal, Grey and White, we've introduced these tiles to our extensive split face tiles range and truly feel that they will suit all indoor and outdoor interior designs. So, lets take a look at these beauties as a decorative solution for your next project. 

Sparkle Charcoal Split Face Tiles- Multi Row


Darkest of our three new multi-row split face tiles, our Sparkle Charcoal Split Face Tiles boast a modern charcoal grey tone. We feel this tile will blend nicely with darker accents such as anthracite doors, windows and facias. Those looking to modernise or transform their garden or outdoor area, why not pair this wall cladding tile with one of our darker outdoor floor tiles such as Denver Anthracite Outdoor Slabs to complement eachother nicely. 

Sparkle Grey Split Face Tiles- Multi Row


Next up we have our luxe multi-row Sparkle Grey Split Face Tiles. By extracting a cool, icey grey shade, this tile was inspired by our Sparkle Ice Grey Split Face. With both traditional and modern living in mind, the colour of this tile is extremely versatile and will pair well with dark and light designs alike. You can take these beauties outdoors as a decorative solution for your planters, garden walls, pond area, outdoor bar or kitchen, or simply add a touch of luxury indoors by adding them to areas such as media and feature walls, fireplaces, splash backs or even to assist in creating a spa style bathroom.

Sparkle White Split Face Tiles- Multi Row


When it comes to interior design, you really cannot go wrong with the colour white, can you? Our multi row Sparkle White Split Face Tiles evoke a sense of aireness and spaciousness with its gorgeous light reflecting qualties that can really help elevate any room. Here at the Stone Tile Company, we feel this tile in particular would be the perfect choice for interios such as media or feature walls, or for styling bathroom, kitchen or hallway walls due to the versatility of the colour that will stand against the test of time. 

Our range of sparkle split face tiles are made from high-quality natural stone, which is carefully selected and then split to create a unique and irregular texture. This range  features a unique multi-row design, combining various depths and lengths of stone, creating a three-dimensional interlocking pattern for ease of installation. You are able to follow our Split Face Fitting Guide for DIY projects which even includes the materials required. 

We are very excited about this new launch and we cannot wait to see it in our customers homes!

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